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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
10th Aug 2014 - Summer 2014
Day 36-August 10, 2014-To Indiana

Day 36-August 10, 2014-To Indiana

85, sunny, more humid.  We need the air conditioner tonight.

Drove 222 miles in 5-1/4 hours. 

Stopped in Cadillac, MI for gas and for the first time in a long time diesel was less expensive than regular gas.  Maybe somebody made a mistake but we found diesel for $3.52 a gallon where gas was $3.69.  Funny thing was,  every other station around there had diesel for $3.79.  Oh, well.  Glad we found the one we did.

We were going to stop in Grand Rapids but the road was good and it was early so we kept going.  Hit a little traffic and construction in Grand Rapids but it wasn’t bad.  Went through a little town called Schoolcraft just north of Kalamazoo that looked interesting but we didn’t stop.  Started a new book on tape that has us hooked after the first chapter.

We continued on to Middlebury, IN, just two miles over the Michigan/Indiana border.  Stopped at a KOA for at least two nights, maybe longer.  KOAs are always more expensive than other campgrounds but they’re usually better and have more amenities which is good if you’re staying a while.  We had $50.00 in points from previous stays so we used that to pay.  Hope, the owner has three dogs-2 corgis and a fluffy corgi.  They are two princes and one princess who was dressed in a red satin dress (Hope says she has a hat to match) and the males had bowties on.  They drive around in a bright yellow KOA convertible they all like to drive.  Nick, Hope’s son, thinks she’s nuts, I think she’s about as sane as I am.  It’s strange to see all the robins here, I’m not used to seeing them anymore.

As we were checking in a man came in and said “Hi, Judy from Citrus County!”  I’ve learned that we have our names and county on our license plate so I wasn’t that taken aback.  He said he has a Judy from Citrus County, too.  Seems he’s from Crystal River, his (I assume) wife is Judy and they own a campground in Chiefland.  Don’t know how they could travel in the summer if they own a campground but I’ll probably find out during our stay here.

Settled in, read for a while, had a nice dinner and campfire.  Campground is filling up fast, lots of big motorhomes are pulling in tonight. 

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Diary Photos
10th Aug 2014  How cute are they
No Description

10th Aug 2014  How cute are they
No Description

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