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Mahmoud Heidarian
No Photos 14th Aug 2014
Mahmoud Heidarian What I loved and Hated about my cars - Mahmoud Heidarian - is an avid travel blogger with a Bachelor regarding Arts having a specialty within journalism from the University Or College regarding British Columbia. He loves to travel to special places, beaches, and landmarks across the world. He loves experiencing distinct cultures, foods, and mastering new languages. Anyone can easily visit - Mahmoud Heidarian - along with really feel absolve to drop him a new message.In order:2002 Ford Taurus SES (Duratec)Loved: It was a - - car and I was in college. Also tons of room and it was well equipped for the time.Hated: It was a Ford Taurus. The 4-speed auto in it was atrocious.Why I got rid of it: Nothing explicitly wrong with the car, just wanted an upgrade after getting out of college.2009 Ford Fusion SEL V6Loved: It was loaded to the gills and the interior was a huge step up from the Taurus. Also drove - - and handled significantly better. Looked a lot better too.Hated: Honestly didn't hate much about this car. Looking at it for what it was, an automatic FWD sedan, it did a great job.Why I got rid of it: Wanted a legit RWD car with some power, nothing actually wrong with the Fusion for what it was.2012 Mustang GT Premium:Loved: Power! First RWD car that was my own. Also had red seats that I kinda miss.Hated: It was an automatic. Also, it was black and I parked it outside for most of the time I owned it, so yeah.Why I got rid of it: Got bored with it honestly.2013 GT500Loved: More Power! Incredibly raw and made no excuses. Best modern interpretation of the muscle car there is, no question.Hated: Good god was it uncomfortable to drive for a long period of time.Why I got rid of it: After the honeymoon wore off, I wasn't driving it as much as it deserved to be driven.2014 Fiesta SELove: It's tiny, cheap, drives well for what it is (doesn't have that econobox driving feel), and it's a hatchback so it fulfills most all of my cargo needs.Hate: Uhhh, it's slow?2014 Corvette Z51Love: Such an easy car to drive. Incredibly planted. Driving it every day feels relaxing, not tiring.Hate: It's really hard to reach the badge reader to get into my office parking lot.

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