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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th Aug 2014
Thursday 28th August 2014

Thursday 28th  August 2014

Day 1

8.30pm 1894nm to go

Well am sitting here it's my watch and I have just been watching a boat pass us by.
I always am a bit nervous at night time around boats, especially if they do not come up on the AIS.
This one was quite large I think it may have been a navel vessel, which would make sense as in why its not showing up on our devices.
But just in case I went down earlier when I first spotted it and found our supply of tasers  
and Mace spray that I had hidden on here for awhile, so now they are back in their rightful place and in easy reach in case we need them in a hurry.

Other than that ship we have only seen one other all day which was a large fishing vessel, and also we had a visit from the customs plane which flew in way to low and close for my liking, this time they did not call us up, I guess they are more concerned of who is coming into the country and not going out.

It has actually been a kinda quiet day neither of us got much sleep last night so we had cap naps throughout the day, I cooked a  berry and white chocolate coconut bread, which tasted way too good, and we have had a never ending wind change  if you can call it wind, it had not gone over 9knts all day, we have 3 sails up and have only turned the motor off once since we left Darwin.

This in turn threw us way off coarse it was really strange because we were not going very fast in the water there must be strong currents and we were actually going sideways, at one stage we actually thought there was something wrong with the chart plotter and rebooted it but it must just be that where the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean meet oh and throw in the Timor Sea as well, there must be strange stuff going on, well at least that's what we think is happening, so we have kept the motor going and so far we are doing a steady 5 knts and all is happy.

Well tomorrow is another day.     

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