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Sailng on Windwanderer.
31st Aug 2014
Sunday 31st August 2014

Sunday 31st August 2014

Day 4

6am 12°04 124°19 1607 nm to go.

Well I have got in the habit of writing this at nighttime but today I have a bit of exciting news, now it will properly sound very lame to some, but when you are out here, any little thing different is exciting, so here goes.

We are officially in The Indian Ocean....yay yay no more Timor Sea, told you it was exciting...haha

We also have a little stowaway on the dingy, a bird flew in just on sunset last night and is still here this morning, he is still fast asleep at the moment, I just took a pic of him and he looks like he has no head at this angle, but he has it tucked under his wing.

We have also just gone past a oil rig, it was about 6nm away so we could only see the light but if you looked at it with the binoculars you can see its structure, man they are big, actually now it's daylight I think it is a beacon tower showing that there is a oil platform near by,  things are still a bit confusing on the chart plotter with these guys.

And as per usual, we had the border patrol, boat and plane come past, we are actually getting sick of the same questions and having to say the same answers, we were joking about this when the plane radioed us, and wait for it he asked a different question, haha he asked the full name of the master of the vessel, yeah we were a bit shocked as well.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
31st Aug 2014  Image
The headless bird.

31st Aug 2014  Image
No Description

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