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Sailng on Windwanderer.
3rd Sep 2014
Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Day 7

10pm 1310nm to go.

Well we have been inked...this  here vessel of ours is now sporting a new Tatt, although it's not a very Piratey one, more like blobs and rivers.

Yeah what I thought was another cuttlefish, I think may just be a squid, am not really sure if cuttlefish, have ink, maybe they do, can you eat Cuttlefish?
I caught this rather large one in the early hours of this morning, and as it was nighttime, I just reeled it in and left it hanging on the back of the boat.

So this morning I go out to cut it up for bait, and it has sprayed Ink all over the place, The Captain races down and gets a bucket of soapy water, and I set to work hanging over the back of the boat trying to clean up this mess, all the time bitching away to myself for being so stupid.
and is this stuff strong, man seriously they should use this for tattoos, no needles with ink in them, just dip a brush in this stuff, I tell you it will never fade.  I so wished I had saved some,  I could have given The Captain, a nice Tatt on his arm....anchors, mermaids, pirate ships.....haha.

We have had the rabbit out again today, this time it worked great, we had the wind ( if you can call it wind ), just at the right angle and we were flying along, at one stage we were doing 7 knts.
The only problem with this sail is it's such a pain to get up and down, as you can't really leave it out all night, if the wind picks up in the nighttime, it would be a nightmare trying to get it down, as it's designed for light wind only.

And nothing major exciting has happened, no ships, no boats, we didn't even get a visit from the boarder patrol plane, so much for them keeping an eye on us, even though we were kinda sick of them asking the same questions over and over, it was also quite comforting knowing they were always around.
But we did site another strange Buoy like the one before but this time had a lot of birds resting on it.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
3rd Sep 2014  Image
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3rd Sep 2014  Image
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