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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 4th Sep 2014
Thursday 4th September 2014

Thursday 4th September 2014

Day 8


1213nm to go.

Well I'm bored.
You can only play so many games and watch so many movies,  before you start to go crazy, and I have watched so many horror movies ( some are so B grade that I put them up there with the horror movies ) that I may never sleep again, ever.
Man people have some sick minds, who thinks up all this stuff?, some have scared me so bad that if I have to go down into the boat all the lights come on I tell you, there is no way I'm going anywhere in the dark.

There have  been Ghosts, Voices, Aliens, Dinosaurs, Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Monsters, The world being taken over, The World freezing, The World blowing up, Everyone dying, Everyone getting saved, ( expect for the Black dude, he always gets killed )....haha
I think my mind is a bit mixed up now too, but I have watched my fair share of nice ones as well and some comedies, we have such a variety of movies here it's great. Thanks again lyn.

Other than the Cinema on board, Nothing is happening, we have very little wind again, although it is a bit more than the last week has given us.

We had a bit of a struggle today with whether  to put out The Rabbit, or not.
The Captain decides  yes, goes out gets it all ready, comes back looks at the wind and decides no.
So goes back out lashes it down and comes back into the cock pit, then decides he wants to put it back out again, this went on for awhile, I told him he should have a sleep first, as he had been awake since around 2am.
Does he listen to me? No, once again he decides to put it out, with a loud sigh, I give in and get up to help.

As I said before it's no easy task getting this mother out. You have to swap ropes, tie up different ropes get the Yankee in, ( the front sail ) than the fun begins, while The Captain is winching up the whole thing, ( it's still looks like a toilet seat to me with a huge sausage hanging out ) I'm standing there guiding it out so it doesn't get caught up on anything.
Then one pulls on a rope to let it all fall  free, while the other winds in another rope on the winch.
With luck it all goes to plan, no one has fallen overboard, although we both sometimes look a bit drunk, as we stagger all over the place, while the boats is rocking and rolling, you get tangled in ropes and disappear from sight, as the wind catches the sail and it's flopping and flying all over the place.
But she sure is a thing of beauty when that wind catches it and it fills out, but man oh man I just have to say it again that Rabbit is so ugly. 

So puffing and panting we get back in the cockpit, check our speed and we have gained half a knot, are you kidding me, all that effort for half a freaking knot.

But all was not wasted towards the later part of the day, we did manage a few more knots of speed.
Then the whole process reverses,  out we go again the two drunks on board, staggering away once again, to bring it all back down.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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