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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 11th Sep 2014
Thursday 11th September 2014

Thursday 11th September 2014

Day 15

513nm to go.

Well we are still here, getting thrown around all over the place, the waves are still as big as mountains, we are running low on water, as it's too rough to make any, and we are both not getting enough sleep.

Are we having fun yet?

We have been seeing a lot of flying fish around, and last night a few finally landed on deck, so I managed to grab a close one and put it on my hand line.
This is the only line I have out at the moment as I can reach this from the cockpit, it's just way too rough to get the other line out.

Not that I'm catching anything it's hopeless, I think I may have just lost my touch in the fishing department.

The generator looks like it is stuffed, The Captain pulled the whole thing apart and dried out everything he could think of but nothing seems to be working.

So yet again we have a list of repairs to get done when we eventually make it to Cocos Keeling.

The first was just before we left Darwin, when we were pulling up the dingy we noticed the bung was missing, this was the one for the false floor, so we arranged for one to be sent to Cocos Keeling, hopefully it will be there when we arrive.

The generator looks like it's had it.

The ring at the front of the boat broke that holds The Rabbit, but The Captain repaired it.

And the biggie is the main sail, we lost use of this about the third day out. The roller furling as come away from the mast, this is going to be a major fix, riggers and all, we are not certain how we are going to get this done yet.

And the bilge pump, man it just never ends, are we ever going to do a crossing and come through with everything in tact?

Well tomorrow is another day.

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