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Sailng on Windwanderer.
18th Sep 2014
Thursday 18th September 2014

Thursday 18th September 2014

Well I have to say, we have found it! Paradise.

We have been searching all over the world for that one special Island, and here it is almost on Australia's back door.

Cocos Keeling is it, well where we are is it. We are anchored off Direction Island, it's a deserted Island, no one lives here there are no buildings other than a few shelters with Tables and chairs and a BBQ area for the visitors to enjoy, they also have a few hammocks and even a old wooded swing to pass away an afternoon.

We went ashore on Tuesday afternoon, we get into the dingy in beautiful teal blue water, and it's so clean and clear you can see our anchor sitting on the bottom 5 meters below us.
Once on shore we stepped onto the sand and it's the softest finest sand, oh man I am so impressed.
There is palm trees all around and friendly people and the temp is just right it's not too hot, just perfect.

They were having a get together on the beach for some guys that were having a birthday.
There were about ten yachts here at the moment and I think, all of there crew were onshore, we had a fire burning, a BBQ and all sat around having a few too many drinks, laughing and telling all our stories.

They were from all over the world, we had French, Dutch, Polish, Kiwis, Germans,Brits  Americans, South Africans and Aussies, what a mixed bag, and just really lovely people all of them.
It was a really great night although I don't think I have drank that much since I was a teenager, let's just say I was very fragile the next day, and leave it at that....haha

On Wednesday we had a few guys over to our boat, they are trying to help The Captain, fix the generator and the bilge pump.
So far we have the bilge pump working, and have identified the problem with the generator we hope, and we have to have a spare part flown in for that fix.
The guys all ended up staying for dinner and we had a great relaxing night.

Thursday was a bit of a everything day, we are still fiddling with the Generator, The poor Captain has raced back back and forth to the island to use Skype for many a phone calls to the generator mob and so it goes, we spent a nice afternoon on the island making calls back home and had a great walk along the beach.
Next time I'll remember to take the camera.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
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18th Sep 2014  Image
Adam our helper.

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