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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 20th Sep 2014
Saturday 20th September 2014

Saturday 20th September 2014

Today was an early start, we needed to get over to the closest Island, to us and pick up some mail, yes they do have a post office, and some much needed fresh food.

It took us around 25minutes to get there, dodging coral and shallow spots we finally made it, pull up to a ladder at the jetty amongst a fair few ferries and climb ashore.

This island is called Home Island, there is actually about 5 islands here, Home Island and West island are the major Islands, to get to West Island you need to catch a ferry there.

We are just anchored off Direction Island the prettiest by far, I just can not get over how pretty this is, I could quite easy live the rest of my days out here that's for sure, it really is that beautiful, the photos I took are not photo shopped at all, it really is that nice.

So Hope island is full of Malays, they have a very Muslin society, but friendly people, everyone is happy, although it's not one of the prettiest islands we have been to, it's still nice.
It did not takes us long to realise how they all get around, no cars are used here, they have golf buggies or quads, with a few motor bikes thrown in.

It's so funny seeing these quads burn around the place with Mum and her three kids holding on going off to get groceries.

We picked up our parcels, then went grocery shopping, oh man we were told it would be expensive but still were shocked at the $55 bill, we brought, a lettuce, a avo, about 6 mushrooms, 3 onions, some frozen Chicken and a dozen eggs.
Man it's expensive, but what can you do, we did draw the line at Bananas, $18 a kilo.

So back to the dingy, we managed to avoid the coral and shallow spots that we hit coming in and made it back to the boat just in time for a local guy here to look at our generator, yeah I know do I ever not mention that crap piece of equipment, it seems like every post I do it's in here,  I am so over it, I just wish we could do without it, it does nothing but gives us problems.
Anyway the guy, has a really good look at it, finds another problem, so we will order in that part as well, and hope to get it all up and running sometime next week.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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