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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 21st Sep 2014
Sunday 21st September 2014

Sunday 21st September 2014

So today was not so perfect, we have had really strong winds and rain, we have been cooped up inside and it has almost driven me crazy.

I tried first thing in the morning to start some oiling of the teak on deck as it's looking a bit neglected, but I was only out there 10minutes when down the rain came.
So have spent most of the day, still fixing stuff on the new computer.
This computer had a hissy fit coming over here and Open Cpn ( one of our nav thingy) stopped working.

So out came the old one, you remember the one that can not hold it's liquor, but it's a pain cause it never works properly.

So a few days ago I pulled out the new one to see what was wrong with it, turn it on, and it's flashing red stripes.
Great so after days of google searching I finally found out what was wrong and I had to do a complete reset, which resulted in everything we had downloaded on it disappearing.
So that sure has kept me busy downloading all the stuff back on again.

The Captain spent a good chunk of the day, fixing stuff surprise surprise.
First off was the shower sump pump, this died last night. Well it turned out to be a easy fix the switch was turned off on the main board, who turned it off?
Neither of us are admitting to it....haha

The 2nd biggie is the stuffing box, you know the thing that goes around the drive shaft.
All I saw was a butt in the air, and hear a lot of pirate language going down for hours on end, occasionally I was asked to pass this and that, as for most of it he was jammed down a very small hole.
But sporting a few more bruises and cuts, he has managed to fix our leaking problem,
Thank God.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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