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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Sep 2014
Monday 29th September 2014

Monday 29th September 2014

Well we are still here at Cocos,  I guess if you have to be stuck somewhere, this little bit of Paradise sure is a great place to be stuck.
Although it sure has thrown us some curve balls the last few days.
We have had really strong winds, that just about throw you over board, if you venture out on deck and rain, yesterday it rained all day and night, and today does not look any better.
Which has per usual resulted in leaks, man when I say leaks I really mean leaks.
Apart from the cockpit getting wet, we have a major one in the Vberth, (pointy end of the boat), and our cabin.

We both have not been spared the joy of waking to water pouring down on us, The Captain has a major one that almost completely soaks his whole body, mine is not so major, just my legs get wet.
So yeah it's been a bit miserable, on board this here vessel of ours, I'm so sick of smelling damp wet stuff and can't wait for the rain to stop so we can dry everything out once again.

The ARC Rally is leaving today Thank God, this place has been so crowded, but it's been a never ending entertainment watching them all, most of them have been friendly enough, but they all have this air about them, that they think they are better than anyone else, come on guys you are sailing in a heard, getting told where to go, how long you are allowed to stay and so on, I know who is better off, all us other cruisers here we are free to do what we please, I bet they are even sleeping in dry beds....haha

So what have we been up too, well we are almost at the end of this little list to do of the things we wanted done here, but we are still having major generator issues, the waiting for spare parts is a pain , and the price is really a killer this last part is over a thousand dollars, man we even inquired in getting a brand new one sent out but with a price tag of $14,000 we think not. 

I have kept myself busy and have oiled all the teak work on deck, and on Saturday managed to get around in the dingy and clean all the hull, now am waiting for a break in the weather, so I can oil the teak on the hull and then that's finished.

We have had a few swims, a small explore of the island, we had to cut that short as we were getting eaten alive by mossie's next time we will go more prepared.
We have been given some fish from a new boat that came in the other day, and cooked it on the BBQ, in between rain squalls.

One thing we did learn from a ARC rally guy is how they open coconuts here, the little shed that holds a water tank on the island has a few post just standing there and this is where they peel off all the other shells of the coconut, The Captain and myself had a go at it, although all I managed was sore hands, but The Captain has mastered it well, yesterday after chilling two we had ourselves a lovely fresh coconut drink and I now have all the inside drying out, man I just love fresh coconut.

We have also heard about this wreak, just a small boat and have finally worked out where it is, on the way back to our boat the other day, we decided to explore the dark patches around here, most are coral, but we knew one was the wreak, so with yours truly hanging over the side, head in the water with goggles on we finally found it, so when the weather clears up we will snorkel over and have a good look.

And so it goes we have not made it over to the main island yet but hope to soon, than we can get some much needed fresh supplies, I for one are hanging out for this.

Well tomorrow is another say.

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