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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 16th Oct 2014
Thursday 16th October 2014

Thursday 16th October 2014

Day 10

859nm to go

And on and on we go, it's still the same very rolly the wind still blowing around 15-20knts. But we have been having very jerky movements which is really hard down below to try and do anything.

This morning I had a bit of a meltdown when dishes flew off the bench and landed on the floor which made a hell of a mess.
What started out as just trying to make a coffee turned into what looked like world war three, man it's hard going, if my hand was feeling better maybe I could cope a bit more, but at the moment I don't have a huge amount of feeling in it, until I try and use it then it shoots pain up my wrist and into my forearm.

But we did have a bit of excitement tonight, we spotted a cargo ship, this is the first one in days and days.
It appeared on the radar first and was going quite fast, I was getting a bit concerned as it had not appeared on the AIS, this is always a worry and thoughts of pirates start to come to mind.
We are getting close to pirate areas, although there has been no known attacks in this area to date, its still a worry.
But the biggest worry started when it eventually came onto the AIS and was almost on a collision coarse with us.

We were sitting here watching the closest point of impact ranging from 0.30nm to about 10meters, panic pants here was starting to panic big time, when it got to about 2nm away from us The Captain called them on the radio, yes they have seen us and all was fine although they still had not changed coarse.
We managed to get over 10° without the sails back filling and right at the last minute they changed about 5° so all was ok and we could breath a sigh of relief.
As they were going past they called again for a chat, they were heading for Singapore and had come from South Africa, we asked them how the crossing went and they said they had no bad weather at all, which was nice.
They asked us if all was ok and if we n

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