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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 23rd Oct 2014
Thursday 23rd October 2014

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Day 17

344nm to go.

Today we spotted land, yay yay yay, did we stop?, nay nay nay.

Yeap we had made it to our first destination Rodrigues, only to sail straight past, this sucked big time, I am so over this voyage, The Captain was asleep as we went past the entry, man was I tempted to head for it...haha

Oh and at 3.30 pm today we have sailed halfway around the world, in nautical miles we have done way more than that, but officially we have made halfway.

We have really rough conditions again with a lot of squalls, biggish winds and big waves.

Last night we watched a huge cargo ship go past with all there lights on, you could see it rocking and rolling with the big seas, it was kinda comforting knowing we are not the only ones getting knocked about, but the unnerving thing was when all their side lights would go out, at first we could not make out what was going on.
Then realised it was waves, between the two boats, we would get hit by a huge wave and it was so big it would block our view of their lights.
It was kinda amazing to watch as it looked like the lights were getting turned off one at a time running down the length of it, but I was also glad it was nighttime and we could not see the height of these mothers.

This started a string of ships going past most were around 1.5nm to 2.0nm away which was fine for me, a good safe distance, but they sure were big ships the biggest so far was 333meters  long.

Yesterday I managed to pamper myself a bit although my hand is still really sore and it was a struggle I managed to dye my hair, does it look any good not really, although I did manage to cover all the sparkly bits ( grey hairs ) so that was something.

And the fishing nothing to write home about, and now it's just way too rough to even go look at the lines.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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