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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 1st Nov 2014
Saturday 1st November 2014

Saturday 1st November 2014

Well the 1st of another month man where does the time go?

I seem to have got myself a bit confused with the days, they all seem to be rolling into one at the moment so some of the stuff that I have been writing about I think may have happened on other days, it's just this place it really is a confusing place.

Anyway we wanted to get some provisioning done and wanted to find a big supermarket, I had looked on the net and had found one about 20mins away.

The Captain goes over to the main office and asked them where can we catch a bus to there.

Now I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but the local guy here Rashid does everything for you at a price, quite a large price, so we decided to save money this time and bus it.

Well one of the security guys here said that he was finishing work soon and he would take us, also The Captain needed to get some boat parts, this was no problem he said, The Captain asked how much he would charge and he said don't worry he will work it out, alarm bells always goes off when we hear this, but us being dumb decided to trust him, big mistake.

So he comes and gets us in this rust bucket of a car, oh man it should not even have been on the road.
As we get close to the supermarket  which is called Jumbo, he says no he will take us to the best one called Super U.

We tried to explain that Jumbo will be fine, he has no bar of it.
So about 3/4 of an hour later after driving through third world, and outback country we finally get there, I have to say he was right, it was the biggest supermarket we have ever been in, in the world it was massive, I was in heaven...haha

They leave me to it and off they go searching for boat parts, a little while later they come back The Captain is not happy, he could not find anything he wanted as per usual the shops here are crazy yes they sell a few boat bits, outboard motors, water skies, and designer clothing.

It's actually crazy and so mixed up, it's nothing to see a shop with the most mixed up stuff, you just wonder what they are thinking.

So we eventually get back to the boat hours and hours later we are both warn out and then the negotiations begin, we ended up paying 800 rupees about $35 Australian way too much for what he did, but what can you do you live and learn.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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