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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 3rd Nov 2014
Monday 3rd November 2014

Monday 3rd November 2014

Well today was another day of shopping.

We ended up using Rashid this time, as he was going to take us to the two biggest boat shops here, there was another supermarket on the way, I asked to be dropped off there to get the last bits and pieces that I needed.

As per usual neither of us got all that we needed The Captain less than me, and once again it cost us a small fortune for nothing, but wasted time.

Later in the day after a bit more google research we decided to take a walk in town, to find a small shop that sells sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as we eat a lot of these in a lot of different ways, they are the closest thing to nuts that I can eat.

So off we set after hours and hours walking through all the third world areas, man I could never live like that, it's shocking, and the smells oh man they are bad.
But most people are friendly and in broken English they manage to tell us where this shop was, if you can call it a shop that is.

Oh man talk about culture shock they just have every seed, nuts, grains all out in the open flies, bugs and all, you just pick out what you want, they bag it and off you go.
I have to say there sure was some weird stuff here we had no idea what it was, all dried up and smelly.
I was just so so happy they did not have what we wanted, if they did I could not have brought it anyway, there was no way I would have eaten anything from here.

So we wondered on some more, dodging this street vender and that trying not to trip over the uneven pavement, trying not to run into the million and one people walking around, and just shaking our heads in wonder of it all, man it's just crazy.
We eventually found another supermarket a bit more upgraded than the rest and there we found what we needed thank god, after hours and hours and on legs that were almost to tired to carry us much further we eventually made it back to the waterfront and decided to have a ice cream at a little shop here that we have drooled over every time we walk past.

We get our ice creams and go to sit down at one of their tables when the chair The Captain sits on breaks and he crashes down on the ground for a 2nd time in so many days, he jumped up real quick saved his ice cream....haha and on closer inspection to the chair we noticed it was rusted through.
Although he did not hurt himself to bad this time, I think his pride was very wounded, I'm just hoping there is not a number three as we all know things always come in threes.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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