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Dora The Explorer
28th Jun 2007 - 3rd Jul 2007

So I am sat in work and itÂ’s July 4th so the markets are pretty quiet today. An attempt at a double- entry accounting assignment this morning has left me brain-dead. I canÂ’t get past the first few questions so have decided to write my blog instead. ItÂ’s been of those weeks so far as nothing that I want to happen is happening quickly enough! Even Lindt white chocolate isnÂ’t helping.

So after a chat with my boss on Friday declining a sponsorship offer I have decided that I am wasting time pen-pushing and really need to leave as promptly as possible. Generally as soon as I make my mind up on the next goal I want to achieve I become extremely impatient that it doesn’t happen immediately. I am at that point now. I used to think that scuba instructing increased my patience with people but fundamentally no it doesn’t, I am very impatient – a trait taken from old grumpy bum Papa Ling himself. So I have to work at least a two week period here to ensure that the role is covered, as soon as that expires I am on my way back to Brisbane.

There are numerous possibilities on the Whitsunday Islands, one as a marine biologist and another as a Diving Instructor. I guess as soon as I am back in Brisbane I will exchange cuff-links for rash vests & thermals and head up to the WhitsundayÂ’s for interviews. I am getting tired & bored of living two different lives in finance and science and I hope that this is my last stint (ever!) within investment banking ops. Yeah Yeah heard it before you say. My creative juices dry up when I am couped inside an office.

Last night was spent as per normal Tuesday night Pub Trivia – we managed to achieve our lowest score ever with the largest group we had ever had ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth?” syndrome perhaps. However I always come up trumps on the ole 80’s music trivia which makes me want to reach for the leg warmer’s & dance to Human League & Hot House Flowers. Memories of racing home for the seven o’ clock edition of Thursday evening Top of the Pops and dancing around the living room.

Broke the news of imminent QlD to them..eyes lit up with the prospect of dicounted PADI courses & trips on a liveaboard.

On a positive note I can’t wait to catch up with my mates up there, Laura (Canadian /Italian - chiropractor) has just split with her fella so she’s struggling with being in Australia sans mates. Totally understand the ‘missing your mates back home’ syndrome so will be great to spend some chick time together. Also Jen the marine biologist/photographer from LEI will be hopefully sharing her photography knowledge with me over a few cocktails on the Gold Coast. Also very important Top Gear is back with a new TV series on Monday night which is great, as many a Saturday night I’ve forgone a night on the p@ss for a night in with Jeremy Clarkson.

Still slightly shocked with the arrest of the Brisbane Doctor in relation to the attempted bombings in London & GlasgowÂ… I do confess to feeling very cut-off from it all out here in Australia, and god forbid they would have absolutely no clue what to do here if something happened. I hope youÂ’re all being careful!

On that note I will love you and leave you as going to the bookshop to order some light reading on the Lords Liberation Army in Uganda. Lovely.

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