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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 17th Nov 2014
Monday 17th November 2014

Monday 17th November 2014

Day 3

1242nm to go

Well today I'm Captain, First Mate and Nurse, yeap The Captain is not well, he has high temps and aching all over I have been trying to get him to rest all day and so far so good, I would say he is coming down with the flu or a cold, lucky my seasickness has settled down or we may have been in trouble.

It seems like we are not making much ground at the moment, the way the wind or should I say lack of wind has been going it has taken us way off coarse, so we have had to change angles.
The way we were going we were heading right into extreme known bad weather area, so of coarse I was not going to argue with this one.

It's not too bad and not really uncomfortable, we are still motor sailing anyway and the ocean is very calm.

This always worries me, as the calm before the storm always is there in my mind.

We are getting weather faxes daily and so far so good, although there is a tropical storm  which is looking like it will turn into a hurricane, at the moment it's heading South as we are but it's a long way away and more south west and we are South East, unless it changes coarse we will be fine, but we will keep a close watch on it.

The really bad weather will hit at the bottom of Madagascar at the moment they have over 4 meter waves and strong winds am so glad we are not there at the moment.

And I just watched my first cargo ship go past, although it's dark I could see its lights clearly we also have another 3 on the radar so it's looking like tonight might be a busy night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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