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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 20th Nov 2014
Thursday 20th November 2014

Thursday 20th November 2014

Day 6

975nm to go.

Well the storms finally stopped and we have sailed all day without the engine, until very late tonight, the wind has dropped to next to nothing, serious if we went any slower we would be stopped dead.
We do have a current going against us which is not helping at all.

My fishing is not going so well, I only have the hand line out as it's a lot easier to handle, but a lot of other guys on boats have all said you need to go a certain speed to be able to catch anything, well that's not happening around here at all, I think the fish are just doing Laps around the boat and laughing at us, The Captain thinks that they are feeling sorry for us and not biting as they think it will slow us down even more ...haha
Serious the rate we are going it will be a month before we get there.

We saw a orange buoy in the water today, we have no idea why it was there and it looked like it was anchored, its very deep here so maybe it was not, but it's still a mystery and a bit of excitement, yeah I know but when your looking at nothing but water day in And day out, you get excited over anything that's different hell even seeing ships makes us happy. 

And we have been watching a spectacular lighting display the last few hours, you sure can see their  power when nothing else is around and lucky for us it was miles and miles away so no threat at all.

I also had a bit of a pamper day, I dyed my hair and gave myself a facial, so that was nice, I always feel so much better after a treatment and I even managed to blow dry my hair as well.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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