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Sailng on Windwanderer.
22nd Nov 2014
Saturday 22nd November 2014

Saturday 22nd November 2014

Day 8

787nm to go.

Well we still have no wind it's crazy we are motor sailing constantly now, and to be honest not really going very fast at all, at this rate we may get to South Africa sometime in the new year...haha

Today has been a day of flotsam.

First we spotted another orange buoy, than a little while later we spotted something yellow floating past.

Well this got us thinking about the plane wreak, once again, I look over at The Captain and he says does it look like a life Vest, I say I'm not sure.

Well in a few seconds we have the boat turned around and heading back to take another look.
I have the fishing gaff down ready to grab it as we sail right over the top of it, I get a quick glance as it disappears under the boat and think it was just a piece of sponge I race to the back of the boat as it comes out behind us and realise I was wrong.
So back we go again this time we get right beside it and it's a fuel can, anchored to the bottom or close to it, we are pretty sure it was just a crab pot, actually I think. I saw two of them.

So that bit of excitement over we turn the boat back around and head off in the right direction again.

A little while later The Captain was asleep when I spotted something black and tall floating ahead of us.

I jumped up fast hit Aut ( the auto pilot ) 20° starboard to avoid running into it and wake The Captain, we both grab binoculars to try and work out what it is and have come to the conclusion that it must be a large log floating end up.

So once again a near disaster over we settle back down again to doing nothing, The Captain goes back to sleep and I read a book.

It really has been a quiet day the ocean has been dead calm and we have had zero wind I guess that's why we have seen a lot of stuff in the water as there has been no waves either.

We have had a few boats past us by only one getting a bit close but still at a safe distance and last night we had a biggest ship yet, this mother was 360m Long, and 65m wide that's massive it's like our boat length 20 times, although we did not get closer than 6nm it still looked massive.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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