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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 24th Nov 2014
Monday 24th November 2014

Monday 24th November 2014

Day 9

590nm to go

Well on Monday 24/11/2014 at 7.30pm ( which is still light as we are slack and have not changed our clocks yet.)  Position 27:26S. 41:09E 
The Captain lost something very precious to him overboard.
Yeap his long golden locks.

In the middle of the a Indian Ocean sitting out on the deck rolling side to side I gave him a much needed hair cut.
He was starting to look very hoboish and I really could not stand it any longer, he started it all when in the morning he had trimmed his beard.

So it was only natural to have a hair cut at the same time, well you would think so hey.
Not this guy, he is so funny about getting his hair cut, you would swear that it is painful
to him.
He puts up such a fuss I swear he must of been one of those children that screamed the place down, every time he had a hair cut.

I think the problem is he likes it long, and it's the weirdest thing it actually turns blond.
He picked up a lock that I had cut off and could not believe himself how blond it actually was, I told him he can keep it if he likes......haha just like a babies first hair cut, us mums are all are guilty of doing that.

We have motor sailed almost all day again today, we seriously have zero wind. The sails hardly fill at all, but we are doing about 4 knts in the water so at least that's better than the previous days.

There are no fish interested in my lures so no luck in that department, and we are doing everything and anything to stop us being bored.

Well to roo is another day.

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