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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Dec 2014
Wednesday 10th December 2014

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Well just another busy day, still getting a few repairs done here and there.

The Captain has been busy all day ringing around trying to find some place that can take our weight and length.

It's almost impossible, when we leave here which was suppose to be on Saturday but there is bad weather coming so it's looking like we can't get out of here till at least the 18th.

This sucks cause we were going to coast hop, till we got to Cape Town in time for Christmas which we were going to spend with The Captains sister and brother in law, it's not looking real good now. Who knows we could be out in the ocean for Christmas.

I went again to a local supermarket here, I'm trying out different ones all the time.
Now this one is quite close to the marina well kinda nothing is real close, you have to walk what feels like a Klm from the boat to shore, go through the security gate, then walk over railway lines cross 3 major roads, walk what feels like another Klm and than you cross another main road dodging cars and a mental amount of mini buses that beep all the time, right in your ear. This nearly does my head in I tell you.

It's very frantic here on this street with a million people walking around, you have the guys on the sidewalk selling this and that you have people handing out stuff, mini buses beeping  and stopping everywhere and all the shops, and everyone yelling as they all want your business.

So I finally get to the supermarket,  I am taking my time shopping looking at this and that, trying to avoid looking in the meat department, oh man they sell some horrible cuts, one I just had to look at to find out what it was, and almost died, it was a meat tray of tiny little hearts, serious I have no idea from what animal but it was gross.

So I eventually make my way to the checkout and realise I am the only white person in the whole store. Serious I was wondering why I was getting a few strange looks.

But I never once felt unsafe, even if it is a dodgy area, so far everyone I come across is very friendly and nice, and besides they have some fantastic names, I have meet a guy called Blessing and a lady called Purity I just love it.

But I do find it hard here, there is such a culture difference, and I do not agree with it one bit, but there sure is a line between races, you have the blacks on one side and the whites on the other and everyone has their place.
It does not sit well with me at all as I believe we are all equal, but in fairness  I don't live here and was not brought up the same, and yes the whites all still have live in maids, garden boys and such.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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