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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 31st May 2015
Sunday 31st May 2015

Sunday 31st May 2015

Well here we sit once again waiting for the elusive weather window.

Today looked perfect, well yesterday morning it did. We have been listening to the peri peri net, on the SSB radio for a week now, they are fantastic at giving weather reports around South Africa, and we are now on first name basis, actually we have been for awhile, remember when we tried to get out of Durban?

Well knynsa is starting to look the same, actually the other day when we climbed into the dingy we noticed that we have so much growth on the bottom of the boat. That maybe just maybe we could be attached to the bottom of the lagoon, even the dingy is growing long strands of seaweed.

So all was looking good to go, we were both in gear getting the boat ready for ocean mode once again, I had a massive clean up, sorting, packing stuff away, so it does not turn into the deadly missiles, The Captain was doing his duties of checking charts, wave heights, wind speed, wind directions, and tides.
He calls a guy here and they say no go, a severe weather warning has just happened, man serious here we go again.
We check online and yeap there it is, massive winds, massive waves, and it looked like we would not even get out of the heads.

You have no idea how disappointing this is, not only do you physically get ready for ocean mode, you do mentally as well, there is always that sense of excitement, mixed with fear, and to have it squashed so quick it really gets you down.
But we also know we don't want to get beaten up out there either, of course we could just go, but we are on this journey for enjoyment, not to be fighting for our lives and being so scared that we never want to sail again, that happens enough out there anyway....hahaha

So we sit we wait, today the sun is shining, it's peaceful and very quite here other than the sound of the waves crashing over the other side of the mountain, yeap they were right.
And if the weather holds up we may just dingy into shore and have ourselves a nice meal at our favourite little cafe here.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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