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No Photos 23rd Jun 2015
Used Car Auctions Over 2010

There are so many things to keep in mind when looking at making the largest purchase of your life. In the past few years, as we saw buying frenzies and bidding wars, many home buyers opted to buy homes without having home inspections because owners (arrogantly) would not take offers (contracts) with any contingencies including home inspections and appraisals.Jordan finds Casey tied in the cellar as Michael is about to scalp her (good timing!). He shows some remorse for his actions but says he can't stop. Jordan attacks him, freeing Casey. Casey and Jordan fight against Michael and manage to knock him out. People in the theater applauded at this, I thought we were close to a standing ovation!Terrain error One common - police - factor in radar units is that they always read in a straight line. They cannot read around a turn or the other side of a hill. In this case, the radar unit may actually be reading another vehicle farther up the road rather than the target vehicle that is going to be issued a citation.In urban areas, be careful not to block intersections (with or - police earpiece - without traffic lights) when traffic backs up. This is called "blocking the box" and will get you a ticket if there is a cop communications around.One evening recently, I said goodbye to a friend who had come over to play some music, just as I had closed the door for the evening, our neighbors daughter, her friend, and their teenage baby sitter came pounding on our door. It was 10 o clock-ish and they asked if they could come in to our house until their mom could come and pick them up. They explained that they had been in their house when they heard shouting coming front the house in between ours and theirs. The babysitter explained that she could see over to the house and saw the lady who lives there arguing belligerently at her husband. They also saw here with a glass bottle, and heard glass breaking more than once. They said it must have been a very big argument, and as best they could tell, the woman seemed to be drunk.The word on the street is that by doing this, the U.S. will free up radio frequencies (signals) that will help us with - police radios - (such as police, fire and emergency rescue), that's what they say...:-).We are also very aware of all the scandal that goes on among police from news coverage discussing corrupt cops. I believe that this is a major cause of the community's basic instinct to fear and mistrust cops. CNN never reports the story of the officer who rescues the little girl from the kidnapper or the brave cop who risks his life to apprehend an armed criminal. They only show the ones who get caught assaulting an elderly couple or stealing from a local retail store. The reason behind this is simple, society wants to see the juicy stuff like murders and robberies. This is why these are the first stories aired, because the public can't take their eyes away.On Thursday, September 22, 2011; in Atmore, Alabama, Derrick O. Mason was executed for the 1994 shooting death of an Alabama store clerk. Mason took a life and lost his in return. He made a choice and paid the price. Justice was served.Alexis needs to be able to have a few multi-episode upsets; she's currently coming across like she reacts too strongly to things and then gets over it too quickly.

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