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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 31st Jul 2015
Monday 20th July 2015

Monday 20th July 2015

Well it's been awhile again, time goes by so quick.
So what's happening our end, well let me tell you...haha

Right at the moment it's freezing cold, and has just stopped raining, man have we had rain these last few weeks and wind like you would not believe.
Several times we have been flooded, well not quite but it sure feels like it.

The leak in our cabin is driving us crazy, even though I have been putting up tarps and such on the back deck it only keeps a small amount out.
It was so wet the other night that we ended up sleeping in separate cabins, which we both hate, but our bed only had one little space that was dry, so it's was either The Captain sleep on the wet patch or sleep in the V berth, after all I was in first so I had dibs on the dry spot...haha
Now you may think it's ok just a bit of drying out and all will be fine, well think again, imagine your house water logged, with every room wet, now you can understand why it drives us crazy as everything has to go outside and dry out, we sure have to do something about this real soon.

The last several weeks, we have been real busy, I have been getting this ship of ours in order once again, cleaning out lockers, making lists, provisioning and such, why you ask? Well we are finally leaving South Africa, yay yay yay.

Now I have mentioned our troubles before with Visa's and such, well without going into a huge arse rant, we have got no where and trust me we sure have tried every avenue we could.
So basically we can't leave the boat here and fly home, as most likely we won't be allowed back in.
So we are leaving the country and sailing to Namibia, to a little town called Luderitz.

And yes it is safe, we have been in contact several times with a lovely lady there at Port Control and she has helped us get a mooring for several months, where our boat should be safe, other than the mental amount of birds and the sand storms, Namibia is a desert and when the wind blows, there is a hell of a lot of sand around.

Marcie and David from Nine of Cups are there at the moment, they have helped all the way and we have been talking to them often, they have reassured us that we will love Luderitz and the people.

So as soon as the generator goes back in hopefully this week we will be out of here, yes we have to sail to Cape Town to check out and wait for a weather window, but the excitement is starting, another new Country another new adventure awaits.

Just a little foot note, as I wrote this several days ago, after another fail attempt to get the transmission fixed, it is now finally working, man have we had a few stressful days, but on Sunday we leave and hopefully will be in Namibia late next week, and will fly home on the 14th, just in time for my girls baby shower.
Watch this space I have a heap of catch up blogs to post here real soon.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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