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Sailng on Windwanderer.
5th Nov 2015
Day 7 Tuesday 5th November 2015

Day 7

Tuesday 5/11/2015

Well we set off once again, we had planned to get to Fish River Canyon sometime today , it was not very far and we figured we would get there sometime in the afternoon.

Well we should realise by now our plans never ever work out how they are suppose to.

For a start our trusty Garmin, had no idea where she was taking us, ( we actually call her Carmen 2, Carmen 1 was the one we had in America, I think we actually have 3 car gps on board now, it's actually cheaper to buy a new one in each bigger country than to download new maps on them, although our American one does have all of Europe on it as well.)

Anyway we type in Fish River Canyon, she does her thing and comes back with the directions says we will get there in like 4 hours or so, and off we set.

Now there are no tarred roads around here at all, we are bouncing along these shocking dirt roads, no cities no nothing in sight, when all of a sudden we get a flat tyre, just great. ( and not just a simple flat a rock had ripped a big hole in it.)

You need to understand we are in the middle of the Namibian desert, have not seen a car for hours, it's feels like it's 100°, well it was over 35°, and hoping like hell the spare tyre is ok, (which is was thank god.)

While The Captain, is doing his manly stuff ( unloading the boot, getting the spare tyre out, and cursing like hell ) I looked at him and he is covered in dust and sand from top to bottom and am thinking I'm so glad I'm a girl...haha

None of this girl power stuff for me thank you, there are times when you just have to accept  the fact that guys are so much better doing guy stuff...haha

I noticed a sign we had just passed, so I walked back a bit to have a look what it said. It said we had just passed into another game reserve and there was a warning saying there are no fences and beware, Omg I hightail it back to The Captain, and thank god he was just finishing up. We had to use some of our precious drinking water to wash him clean, but it was worth it, I sure did not want anymore dust and stuff in the car, we had enough in there already.

Off we set once more this time trying to be more careful, knowing that we had no spare tyre to get us out of a jam, we drive on for what felt like hours and still no Canyon, no signs nothing.

It's getting closer to around five hours now and we are starting to lose faith in Carmen 2.

Than we spot a little one horse town, (actually I don't think they even had a horse,) it was that small, but they had a pub....yay

We go in to get a bite to eat, but no wine, yeah I know a pub and all, but if we drink at lunch time we are like two old lions and need a nana nap...haha, and we still had to find that damn Canyon.

There were a few other weary travellers like ourselves and after we had asked how much it would cost to stay here, ( they did have accommodation here as well, and the wine was starting to look like a really good idea)

They told us the Canyon was not that far away and the accommodation was the same price and you had a lot to choose from, well with this bit of encouraging information we set off once again,  feeling a lot better.

So we are driving driving driving and nothing, am starting to think that these guys had no idea what they were talking about and maybe we should of checked how much they had drunk, before listening to them.

But finally Carmen 2 tells us to turn off, well she must of been drinking too, there were no signs no nothing, just a dirt track going over a railroad and a gate.

We knew this was not right, so decided to go on a bit further, the whole time Carmen is going nuts and telling us to turn back, eventually we decided to pull over and maybe try and find a resort or something that might be close to the Goddamn Canyon.

We get out our travel guide and find one that looks good, decided to be clever this time and ring them first, ( no phone reception)

Great, we program it into the gps and Carmen tells us once again in, I swear a huffy voice to turn around again.

So like good little soldiers we turn around, finally she is happy, and where does she take us back to the dirt track, with the gate....haha

We were really unsure about this, but still having blind faith in Carmen we decided to take this track, it was just all wrong, after travelling for about ten klms we decided to turn back, so back we go open and close the gate back out on the main dirt road and we sit and think.

Now we had a few choices we could go back to the pub, drink ourselves silly and stay there the night, or try one more resort.

Out comes the book again and I read about a place called the Roadhouse, we punch in the address and set off once again.

We eventually get to a big sign that says Fish River Canyon and realise we are now finally on the right track.

We find the Roadhouse resort, we book in and finally have that much deserved wine or two.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
5th Nov 2015  Image
The Captain unloading the boot, we sure are in the middle of nowhere.

5th Nov 2015  Image
The flat.

5th Nov 2015  Image
The front view Yeap nothing in sight.

5th Nov 2015  Image
More scenery

5th Nov 2015  Image
Not sure about this one.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Another resort.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Some sites you see as your travelling a resort in the middle of nowhere.

5th Nov 2015  Image

5th Nov 2015  Image
Beautiful colours.

5th Nov 2015  Image
My first Zebra sign, love it.

5th Nov 2015  Image
It changes all the time.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Typical Afircan scene.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Haha my first giraffe sign, just driving down a normal road and you get this, man I love Africa.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Just liked this one.

5th Nov 2015  Image
Still changing.

5th Nov 2015  Image
I love the signs, but wind and sand, we know all about this.

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