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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 4th Dec 2015
Day 2 4/12/15

Day 2

Friday 4th December 2015

Position 25°00'S 11°57'E


Well it's been overcast all morning so far, but the sun is poking its nose out every now and then.

We have had quite good wind at the moment we have around 15 knts and our speed is almost 5 knts and things have settled down a lot.

It's still a bit bouncy and we limit our time down stairs as much as possible, we are both suffering a small amount of seasickness.

We are really hoping the wind stays around as with the problem we have with the shaft we don't want to start the engine and put any unnecessary strain on it.

Now to more boat problems, well I meant to write yesterday that our brand new alternator that was put in a few weeks ago, has stopped working, why we have no idea, but with the solar panels and generator we should be able to keep the batteries charged.

And problem today, the water maker, because of all the muck in the harbour in Luderitz, if you remember we needed to get more filters and a new pump head.

Well yesterday we decided once we were about 100 nm off shore we would try and run it with a new filter and see if that would get it working better, well no.

So this morning The Captain, had the job of changing over the pump head, he was down there fiddling for ages and came back up in the cockpit looking very green, but it's all fixed now, well we hope so we will test it out next time we run the generator.


Well I'm on watch, not much is happening, the wind is ranging from about 9- 18kts yeah it's a bit all over the place, we are ranging in speed from about 4-7kts

Earlier I asked The Captain to slow us down a bit he was going off to sleep, and we were bouncing all over the place doing around 6-7kts and the wind hitting 18kts it's ok for him, when he is on watch, but this little buddy hates it, it just feels like its out of control.

He slowed us down to doing about 5kts and all was happy in my world.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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