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Sailng on Windwanderer.
12th Dec 2015
Day 10. 12/12/15

Saturday 12th December 2015

Day 10


Position 17°12'S, 000°44'E

Well so much for the calm gentle sailing, man it's rough, and we have an ugly big ocean, we are rolling all over the place.

But we have sunshine so I guess that's something.

I had quite a big sleep last night, but I feel like I've had none and am feeling very washed out, my knees are still aching and no rain, I have no idea what's going on.

At the moment I have transferred I heap of songs on the computer so we are enjoying listening to a very wide range of music.

I'm listening to Adele at the moment and only because The Captain is down having a shower, it will soon change to Jimmy Buffet when he comes back up...haha


We have almost calm seas again, a bit rolly but not bad.

We are a bit excited on this here vessel, why? Well I hope your sitting down...haha

Its really not a big deal to most, but to us it is, especially when not a great deal changes around here.

Today at I think around 6.30pm well it could be, the times have been all messed up around here, I few days back we decided to change the clocks, as the sun was not setting till after 9pm, so we decided to do it in stages, as St Helena, (they actually pronounce it  Centalina, another why and another, I have no idea) is actually two hours ahead of Namibia so we knew sooner or later we would have to change times.

But getting back to our little bit of great excitement, well at 6.32pm we crossed the Greenwich time line, or the UTC as it's known now.

It's actually the centre of the horizontal line of the world where time begins, we went from 000°00'E to 000°00W...all very exciting...haha

And it's looking like we will get to land in about two days time, yay and nay.

It's so weird when your out here at first you always get the feeling of why are we doing this, and why are we leaving land, again, and we can't wait to get to land again, than you settle in and just enjoy it, but now I'm feeling like I don't want to see land, I know it sounds crazy.

But there is something about the total freedom out here, nothing really interferes with your life, well except the weather of course.

I don't know it's really hard to put into words, I guess it's just being one with nature, being totally self sufficient, you get a real feeling of peace and I guess it does help that we have not had any really bad weather, yes a few puffs of strong wind and big rolly seas, but most of the time it's been magic.

We do have a crazy amount of breakdowns but they all can be fixed, besides there is nothing we can do about them out here anyway.

I really do love this life, I love travelling, I love changing countries all the time and meeting such interesting people and getting to know a little bit about their way of life, and I truly love the ocean, I love everything about it, the smell, the water the beaches, it's so in my blood, every time we are out here, I always feel like this is where I belong.

Of course everything comes with a price, and we miss out on a lot of family life, which breaks my heart, but at least we can fly home often, not often enough but it's something and with Facebook Skype and emails we can keep in touch all the time.

Where as all this come from? I'd like to say it's the gentle calm seas, the waves softly hitting the boat, the quietness of a still night, but the truth is it's not quiet at all, the waves are actually smashing up against the boat, everytime we roll I have to grab hold  of something to stop myself landing on The Captains lap, who is sound asleep and is snoring away, Aut the autopilot is moaning and groaning, we have a constant rubbing sound from the drive shaft, and I've just had to start the engine to charge the batteries.

Yeap been out here way too long...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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