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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Dec 2015
Day 13. 15/12/2015

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Day 13


Position 16°33'S, 004°26'W

Well we are rocking and rolling again, we had to come about again as we were going to miss St Helena completely.

It has resulted in a much bumpier ride but at least we are heading in the right direction again.

The ocean is a lot rougher today with quite a large swell.

I'm feeling at little bit fragile today, I think it could be the different movement, and I did have a very busy morning in the galley.

As per usual every time you sail into a new country quarantine always takes all the fresh fruit and veggies, milk cheese butter you name it.

Not that we have much left in the fresh department, but we had enough, so I stewed  the last of the apples, cut up the oranges and froze them, and we had some sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots and onions, so these are all baking in the oven as we speak.

The dairy stuff I will put in the freezer just before we get there.

Also because it's a nice day and the wind is blowing I did a huge clothes wash, so maybe that's why I'm feeling warn out.

Last night or early this morning we had very stressful few minutes, I went down to check the batteries and I needed to run the engine to charge them back up.

So up I come go to start the engine and it won't start, I yelled to The Captain who was fast asleep and he was up in a flash.

He races down to check everything there is floor boards and stuff flying all over the place.

He could not see anything wrong, this was not looking good, we turned off all the fridges and I was horrified at the stuff in the freezer that we would have to throw away, but more so of not having an engine and with the generator not working the memory of sailing to Namibia was flashing in my mind, we really did not need this.

We worked it out that it was most likely the bank of batteries that are used to start the engine were not getting any charge, so with fingers crossed and switching over to the main batteries, and hoping they had enough charge left just to get the engine running,  the Captain comes up in the cockpit, as we both held our breath he starts the engine, and it fired straight away, thank god, problem solved, we needed a stiff drink and was very tempted to have one, but didn't, we once again settled down, our hair was a bit greyer but all was good in our little world once again.


Well we have no wind at all its lucky if we have 6kts we are only doing about 2 kts in the water, this is crazy all that is happening is the sails are flapping around and driving me, crazy.

It is so still out here tonight, the phoropherence in the water is amazing we noticed it last night as well, it's just like the sea is mimicking the sky it really looks like tiny stars in the water.

And we had our first green flash tonight just as the sun was going down, I was videoing it on my iPad, but the video stopped just as it flashed, we may never get it on record.

And two more flying fish today, that's a total of 15 so far this trip.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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