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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Dec 2015
St Helena Tuesday 29th December 2015

St Helena Tuesday 29th December 2015

Well the time seems to be flying, I'm not sure what we really do most days, but we have been here two weeks already, that's crazy.

The island here is still in holiday mode, so today was another early one to shore, as the shops were closing half a day, but the pub was opening for the first time in 5 days.

Although it's a pub, it also has a little cafe, where we usually end up getting a bite to eat and I'm not sure we have even had a alcoholic drink there yet, now that's sad.

Today was the same after deciding to do the grocery/ thousand shop visit to get half a dozen things.

We were after bread, sorry sold out, but there is frozen bread, lettuce nothing, cheese nope, ham? Who had ham? well you did 4 days ago, cucumber no way, and we have given up completely on avo's.

(Oh I forgot to tell you we were given an Avo from the yacht Ondine after I drooled over there supply, they had heaps, so yeah I did get my fix, for a little while) 4 shops later we ended up with a total of two half loaves of frozen bread, a hunk of cheese and a local homemade pineapple and orange syrup total, not bad for an hour or so shopping...haha

We get to the pub to go online and after that exhausting shopping trip, well it is all uphill we decide we are a bit hungry, so we ordered a toasted sandwich each, it comes to the table with a massive salad, lettuce tomatoes cucumber you name it, where in the hell do they get it from?  I so wanted to see if they would sell me some.

Eventually we made our way back to our boat just in time to say goodbye to Ondine, as they were leaving today and Dora ( the explorer) left yesterday.

It's always sad to say goodbye to friends, I know we really only just met them but there was this instant friendship the moment we met.

This happens over and over no matter where we go, people come into our life for such a short time and at least their memories last a lifetime.

Guys it was great meeting you all and I hope you have a safe journey, and Roserio and Elizabeth I sent them off with your farewell.

" up the arse of a whale" ....haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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