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Sailng on Windwanderer.
13th Jan 2016
St Helena Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th January 2016

St Helena Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th january  2016

Well I know I said I wanted three cheers yesterday but maybe a few more now...haha

Also I think I need a bit of help, or need to get off this boat or get a life or something.

Wednesday I did rest, I was not feeling very well at all, but today well, I decided to get back out there and do the last touch ups.

This resulted in me doing a coat of teak oil over the entire timber trims, I do mean normal teak oil, this time.

The tropical sealer had soaked in so much the timber still needed a 2nd coat.

It's been neglected for so long and I think sitting in the dry heat of Namibia took its toll.

To anyone else it would have looked fine, and the way I'm feeling at the moment, I wish I was like everyone else...haha man is my body paying the price.

At least this is a quick process, as its just wiped over with an oily rag.

Then I needed to punish my bod a bit more and totally cleaned the cockpit, all cushions mattresses backrest you name it got thrown down the companionway, and I went for it scrubbed wiped everything and oiled  the trims in there as well.

So finally the deck is finished, after almost 4 weeks of solid work she is looking good, now onto the outside hull.

Now it appears we have a bit of a celebrity on board this here vessel, so I'm going to blow The Captains trumpet, as I know he won't and yes I'm proud of him.

As we all know he is a really good writer, if any of you have read his blogs you would agree with me and over the years he has dabbled in this and that and I always enjoy his writing.

About three years ago he wrote an article for Cruising Helmans a magazine in Australia on Hurricane Sandy and it was published.

Well with a bit of encouragement The Captain sent another one on fishing to them which they have accepted and should be publish soon.

Also Ocean Navigator an American magazine has accepted the fishing one as well.

There is also another American magazine called Good old Boat, and we have just heard that an article he wrote on all the changes we have done on the boat so that the two of us can sail her, well that was published this month along with an article that Marcie from Nine of Cups and also a good friend Roger has an article in.

They have now accepted another article on changing our back deck, from the ugly white box to the new seating arrangement.

Well done Captain, am so proud of you and if you would like a few good reads, go hunt them out, you won't be disappointed, and Captain that book now needs to be written.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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13th Jan 2016  Image
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13th Jan 2016  Image
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