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Bills Thoughts And Feelings
No Photos 23rd Jan 2016
Watching These Dogs Confused By A Magic Trick Is Hilariously Cute

I imagine that there should be a piece on Animal Planet, the History Channel, et al, that needs a new angle: perhaps to uncover the world's most astounding, vicious, and dangerous dogs. Boom Box Dog Costume: You will need a cardboard box that is no longer or wider than your dog's torso. Once you are done making the boom box, cut out the part of the box where your dog's legs go and attach the boom box to a dog harness. Pretty Princess Dog Costume: This costume consists of only a cone shaped headdress made out of silk. Cowboy Dog Costume: Tie a colorful bandanna around your dog's neck and place a small cowboy hat on the top of his head. Now place a white cap on his head with the words BAD DOG or PRISONER written on the brim.If your dog isn't comfortable in a full Halloween costume (or just refuses to wear one), he may enjoy wearing only a bandanna. For those little sweeties who will wear anything to please you, here are 15 costume ideas for dog costumes. A Hot Dog Costume: Items needed for this costume are lightweight tan foam, body harness and felt for mustard or ketchup. Using your dog's harness makes this costume easy and the costume will stay in place and not slip.This is a cue to cock the head, which makes photos of dogs especially endearing no matter what position they're in. The less time you spend trying to get dogs into specific poses, the more likely they are to have a nice expression on their face. The play bow is a social signal that means What follows is playful in nature," and performing one near other dogs can mean that social interactions start off on the right paw, easing tensions caused by confusing or unexpected behavior.Never let your dog climb backwards down a ladder, you should carry them to the ground. This trick could be called Soccer Goalie Trick or Football Goalie Trick if you're from outside the United States, but to be honest, we at Tricks to Teach Dogs love hockey so we're going to run with it! First step is to associate a command with your dog catching something in their mouth. Secondly, have your dog sit a distance from you and start tossing toys and balls and soft toy hockey pucks at your dog. Use the command catch" each time to encourage your dog to catch the items as they fly at him/her.Magician Jose Ahonen produces a treat in the video, wafting in front of each dog only to make it disappear a second later. Once you know what you want (or even before that) get a bag of treats and a clicker and watch your dog some more. Repeat the above until your dog starts to offer the behavior more and more, say 10-15 times per minute. Just before she does that cute thing, say the cue, then click and treat when she does it. From this point on, only click/treat if you've said the cue first. She will soon do the Cute Thing, not because you asked, but because it's - Dog Rollover - gotten her so many treats.The idea is that the clicker - dog training - tells your dog that he is on the right track in learning a skill. It means you can be a distance away from your dog and reward exactly the behaviour you want in a very precise way. The clicker should always be paired with a treat, your dog needs to know that whenever you ‘click' he will get a treat. You can buy special dog training clickers, or use anything that makes a consistent noise. To pair the clicker and the reward simply click, wait 1 second, then give your dog a treat. Repeat this around 10 times until your dog understands that a click means he gets a treat. Treats are often used to really motivate dogs and are quick and easy to administer.

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