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Sailng on Windwanderer.
23rd Jan 2016
St Helena Saturday 23rd January 2016

St Helena Saturday 23rd January 2016

Well late in the night we had ourselves some excitement, we had just finished watching a movie, and no that's not exciting, as we watch one every night, well it was a good movie so I guess thats a little exciting.

Then we hear St Helena radio, St Helena radio, St Helena radio, call up Sea Rescue one, then she calls Sea Rescue two, then Sea Rescue base call Sea Rescue one and Sea Rescue two, then they all answer one another, what seemed like hours later after they all went into their three name call up speil, over and over and over.

We realised that there was a drama going down, now you know we just love drama, thank god, as our whole life is freaking drama, but this one did not include us for a change.

Now what we could gather was, that there seemed to be a boat in trouble, or someone had seen something like that.

Sea Rescue one zooms off in one direction and Sea Rescue two goes off in the opposite direction.

Of course us being the people who we are just had to be in on it, and no we did not chase them in the dinghy, although I would of loved to...haha

But out come the binoculars and we have the radio next to our ears, Sea Rescue one call base, and base can't hear them so St Helena radio, comes on board to relay, then they say to switch to channel eleven, so we go to eleven as well.

This goes on for ages Sea Rescue two are in on it now as well, everyone relaying and switching channels, man we were almost getting confused.

Then we hear Sea Rescue two in very excited voices come on and they say we have spotted a flare, we have spotted a flare, and then all goes quiet  ten minutes goes by, meanwhile Sea Rescue had gone quiet too, they had been doing a big sweep of the area they were in with their radar and couldn't find anything.

Now base is calling both and nothing, than St Helena radio starts calling still nothing.

We are starting to think that Sea Rescue two may have to go rescue Sea Rescue one, or vice a versa.

 Finally Sea Rescue one comes back on and ask what is happening with Sea Rescue two, still Sea Rescue two is quiet.

Finally Sea Rescue two respond, base ask them what is happening and have they found anything?, they answer with negative we have done a wide sweep of the area and can't find anything

Base asked what about the flare? And a very sheepish crew who are now cracking up, say it was just a falling star....well we just fell apart with laughter, base did not think it was funny at all, in a stern voice they were told to head back, and I swear you could hear a lot of laughter coming from the island.

And what was the actually drama? We have no idea, Sea Rescue two comes in with their tails between their legs, and we watched their boat get lifted out of the water, as for Sea Rescue one they were heading back in but we did not see them come back as we had taken ourselves off to bed still chuckling, and wondering how you rescue a fallen star.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
23rd Jan 2016  Sea Rescue 1 and 2.
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