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Sailng on Windwanderer.
20th Feb 2016
Day 23 Oassage to Trinidad Saturday 20th February 2016

Day 23 Passage to Trinidad Saturday 20th February 2016

Well the damage list.

I'll start with the deck, we are both surprised that we still have rigging and sails, we seriously thought we would have lost the lot, the way it was banging through the storm was just crazy, but it all survived, somehow.

We lost about 5 ropes overboard, a Jerry can, a fuel tank and the bag that holds The Rabbit sail, these were all tied down with big ropes, but they all went over.

We have a few very heavy ropes and chain that are stored under the Rabbit sail on deck, these are now laying in the gutters at the side of the boat and also 7 Jerry cans of fuel these are all laying on their side but with luck they stayed tied up.
Also we had two oars tied to the deck at the side and one of the paddles is broken in half.

Onto the Cockpit.
Well first we had to run the engine, to charge the batteries, as the generator is playing up again.
Well the engine over heated, The Captain went down and checked and we had air in the water filter, thank god it was a simple fix and the engine is running good now. Oh and the intake of water for the engine is right at the bottom if the hull, so you can imagine how far we were actually over on our side.

Other than almost everything in the cockpit getting thrown down below in the depths of the cabins.
We have a hard drive full of TV series that got wet and has stopped working, everything is dripping wet, and I mean everything, all from rain and waves crashing in, it really is miserable here at the moment, as you have a wet arse the whole time, and we still have storms around and a lot of rain so nothing will dry out anytime soon.

The Saloon.

Floors covered in debris, cushions all over the place, a locker door flew off that was behind one of the big cushions, and emptied out a lot of food and stuff onto the floor.

The table that was tied down was upended and on the other side, and there is water everywhere, rain and ocean all over the cushions, walls and floors.

The port side cabin.

Storage boxes that were all tied down on the bunk bed, have all upended on the floor, with all their contents strewn all over the place, we can't actually even get in there at the moment, until we clear some of it out first.
Also some of the big storage boxes have broken and there is also water everywhere, rain and ocean.

The starboard side cabin faired a bit better with just a few bits and pieces on the floor, but there was water sloshing around all over the floor.

Our cabin was total chaos with stuff all on the floor and water everywhere.

Both heads are a mess with water from the toilets all on the floors and salt water all over the walls as well.

Then we get to the V Berth.

Oh man it is just shambles and doesn't even look like a berth at the moment, I really don't even know how to tackle this one.
We have a lot of storage stuff here as well, some in boxes and stuff, well it is all broken and all over the place as well as water everywhere, and yes once again it was securely tied down.

Than the worse The galley and the dinette.

I had dishes drying on the rack these have all ended up on the floors rolling around everywhere, we broke two dinner plates, and the blender is broken beyond repair.

A locker door blew off and everything in there flew all over the place, these were all types of cooking oil and stuff.
One that ended on the floor spilled out all its contents so we have sesame seed oil all over the floor and mats.

Everything on the counter and yes they were secured ended up on the other side of the boat including my homemade cheese that was in flavoured oil.

This large jar hit something on its way over and bent the lid which then upended all over the settee cushions then leaked down into the lockers and then down on the floor behind the fridges and then continued its merry way onto the galley floor, so now we have sesame seed and chilli oil all over the floors as well and that's just what I can see from looking around.

I have not even tempted to start to set things back in order as we still have squalls and rough oceans, and strong gusting winds and to be honest I don't even know how or where to start.

I'm on watch while The Captain is trying to get some sleep, and so far have only had a few clouds and strong winds, I'm holding on, I'm scared and shaky and have been in tears on and off all day.

I am so done with this life, I know there is such lovely magical stuff about it, but I'm just not strong enough anymore to deal with the storms and rough oceans, I just can't take it anymore.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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