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Sailng on Windwanderer.
21st Feb 2016
Day 24 Passage to trinidada Sunday 21st February 2016

Day 24 passage to Trinidad Sunday 21st February 2016


Position 02°28'S. 033°42'W

Our speed is 4kts and the wind is 13.6kts

This is the most wind and speed we have done all day seriously we have been becalmed and just ghosting along most of the day, we actually have only managed 22nm all day and a average for us is about 80nm.

A lot of our distance had to do with last night, once again we had another storm this one lasted over 5 hours with gusting gale force and rain like you could not believe.

But at least we were better prepared this time, and had taken down the stay sail and the Yankee, which means we had no pressure on the front of the boat, so we did not heal no where near anything like the day before.

After around 2am The Captain needed to get some sleep, although the storm was still raging we had somehow managed to heave too in the water.
Heave too is when you set your sails in a certain direction and the boat is actually supposed to stop dead in the water.

Well it just so happened that the preventer that was holding the main sail to one side shattered and the boom and sail flew to the other side.
With the sail on this side it actually was good, So although the storm was still ugly at least I could handle it ok.

I'm really hating these storms and the rain is shocking and it's hot man does it get hot. But at least we are still hanging in there.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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21st Feb 2016  Yeah we are not really going in a straight line.
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