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Sailng on Windwanderer.
10th Mar 2016
Day 42 passage to Trinidad Thursday 10th March 2016

Day 42 Passage to Trinidad Thursday 10th March 2016


Position 08°01'N. 054°04'W

Speed 4.2kts wind 8kts

Well 42 days that's 6 weeks man it's been a long time out here, but we are making good progress, now that we have that current we have about two and a half knots running with us, which is great, it's looking like another 5-6 days to go...yay

So far we are up to day 2 of no storms and low winds, it's still a bit rolly but nothing we can't handle.

I've been busy today cleaning and sorting out the Vberth and the spare cabin, we want to put the boat on the market as soon as possible so I've been taking this opportunity today while things are quiet to do some work.

We had a massive ship pass us today it only got to 2nm away from us but it was a super tanker, 330 meters long and 60 meter wide, man it was massive, that's almost 21 times the length of our boat.

And yesterday we had a ship pass, that was a bit unnerving. now you know I have been concerned about pirates and as we get closer to the coast my concerns are getting much more.

Most ships that pass us come up on the AIS, as I've said before it gives you all the details.
The ships number, name, size, speed, position, how close it will be passing us, where its flagged and the destination and a few other details.
I'm not happy until I see all this appear on the AIS and than I can settle down.
Well this vessel came up on the screen with all the details it was Bermuda flagged and its destination, what for it,  Jack Sparrow, Yeap you heard right now see why I get so stressed. I guess the Captain of the ship has a sense of humour, and we both had a laugh about it once it was safely past us.

We also have ourselves a little hitchhiker on board, I have noticed a few deposits left here and there.
And have seen a bird fly past the window several times the last few nights.
Well in the early hours of this morning I saw him, I'm not sure what kind of bird he is, but he is big and white.
He was sitting on the railing just outside the cockpit window, and I must of disturbed him, as I saw him take off fly around a bit than land back on the davits at the back of the boat.
And man did he kick up a fuss, he squawked and fluttered about for a bit, I think to let me know in under no circumstances was he impressed with me that I woke him up, than settled down and went back to sleep.
It's a pity he is not house or should I so boat trained, I'll have a bit of a mess to clean up once we get to land.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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10th Mar 2016  Image
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10th Mar 2016  Image
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