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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
31st May 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 6-May 31, 2016-Houston, Fire Museum, Baseball and we're intervied by ESPN

Day 6-May 31, 2016-Houston, Fire Museum & We’re interviewed by ESPN

Traveled 203 miles in 4-1/4.  91 degrees, a bit more humid.  Light rain started about 9PM.

Louisiana roads are horrible!  Once we got into Texas they got better.  We stopped at the Texas welcome center to check on the weather but didn’t find out much more than what we already knew. Met some people from Austin who gave us some ideas as to what to do.  I-10 inTexas starts at mile marker 880-that’s 880 miles to the western border of Texas-BIG STATE!!! We stopped in Beaumont at the Texas Fire Museum to see the 24’ hydrant.  And the museum was interesting too.  Got to campground, set up, and decided to get tickets for the baseball game tonight at Constellation Field in Sugar Land about 30 minutes from the campground.  The weather looks OK for now but tomorrow may be a downpour. There’s a lot of new construction in Houston, both residential and commercial.  We had to make a few detours because roads were washed out.  Hopefully we won’t get any of that flooding while we’re here.  Picked up the tickets (they even gave us a pass for VIP parking), and found out that the Sugar Land Skeeters are playing the New Britain (yes, New Britain,Connecticut) Bees.  They are calling this the “Battle of the Buzz”.  Got some food at the concession stands, one of the best stadiums for food that we’ve found, they even had some healthy choices, that’s a first.  The seats were wonderful, front row, aisle, right over the home team dugout at first base.  Great pre-game, players really friendly.  The mascot is, would you believe, Swatson, a mosquito! Stared to rain the beginning of the seventh inning, but we have ponchos so we’re dry.  Good game, the Skeeters rallied at the end and won 10-7. The pitchers last name was Outman, maybe that helped. We got interviewed by Jessica at ESPN in the middle of the 8th inning.  You can watch our interview at  I have to warn you this is the entire game.  Our interview is at about 2hrs., 42 minutes in.  I’m trying to get just the clip of our interview and will post it when I get it.  Fun night, we might do it again tomorrow. On the way back to the campground we passed a reservoir and a lot of croaking frog noises.  They sure like the floods.

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Diary Photos

880 miles to go in Texas

24' hydrant at Texas Fire Museum

Me as fire captain

Flooded park

Flooded road

Throne room in ladies room...note the chandelier and gold fixtures and black toilet

Swatson, the mosquito

Skeeter scoreboard

Us being interviewed by ESPN

Covering the field

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