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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
19th Jun 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 25-June 19, 2016-Father's Day movie, dinner and baseball

Day 25-June 19, 2016-Father’s Day in Palm Springs, CA.  Movie, Dinner, Baseball

Temperature got up to 121 today.  It’s hot but not really that uncomfortable unless you’re in the sun in which case it feels like you’re under a broiler.

Well, you know we forgot a few things from the RV so we had to go there first.  Then we figured we should get the tire with the nail in it fixed before we did too much more driving and luckily there was a Discount Tire in the next town, Cathedral City, that was open on Sunday.  It was only a short screw so no damage was done to the tire.  We found a nice air conditioned movie theater, The Mary Pickford Theater, and went to see X-Men: Apocalypse.  This is a nice area, a lot of sculptures and park areas.  Not many people, we heard this is almost a ghost town now because of the heat, everyone’ gone.  Found a great little Italian restaurant, BackStreet Bistro, a family owned place that usually has a line going out the door but today we were the only ones.  It was early, though, and another couple came in as we were leaving.  The waiter, Jonathan, was really nice, gave us a complimentary glass of wine and some good ideas as to what to do here.  He said most of the restaurants here close in July and August because there’s nobody here.  Then we went to see The Palm Springs Power play the Arroyo Seco Sentinels at Palms Springs Baseball Stadium.  Yes, it was still 118 degrees at 7PM and if it wasn’t for all the misters in the stands people might have passed out.  Don’t know how Rocky the Ram, the mascot, could run around in a big furry costume or how the players could play.  The field was in the hot sun.  But after the sun went down the temp dropped (it was only 100 when we left the game) but, like I said, it’s the sun that’ll do you in here.  Once it goes down it’s bearable.  It was free cap night and we had a coupon for a free ticket so we only paid $6.  They designate one batter to be the “beer batter”.  If he strikes out beer is $1 for the next 10 minutes.  I never heard the crowd cheer for a strike out more than when he got up to bat. Kind of a slow game ‘til the end when The Power got themselves into a pickle, which is always fun to watch.  And one of the players stole home to end the game 3-0.  Beautiful full moon tonight.  The stadium is only 3 miles from the condo, an easy ride home.

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Diary Photos

Pickford Theater

Us at Pickford Theater

121 Degrees

Us outside BackStreet Bistro

Us inside BackStreet Bistro

Inside BackStreet Bistro

Us at ballgame

Rocky the Ram


Diary Movies

If we didn't have these misters we'd be cooked

Last pitch of the game

He's in a pickle

And he just stole home

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