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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
28th Jun 2016 - 28th Jul 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 34-June 28, 2016-To Bakersfield, CA

Day 34-June 28, 2016-To Bakersfield, CA

Drove 212 miles in 4-3/4 hrs.

109 in Bakersfield.

First we stopped at the campstore to fill up on propane and I noticed bird’s nests under the eaves of the store.  Lots of bird’s nests.  Quite a sight to see them (and hear them) flitting in and out but when I walked over to take a picture they went away.  We wanted to avoid LA traffic as best we could so we took I-215 or, as they say here, the 215 through Riverside and San Bernadino, 6 lanes of traffic each way, a bit crazy but not as bad as LA.  At Hesperia we got on Route 395 for 42 miles, a one lane road with a lot of trucks but not bad traffic.  A lot of double onion trucks on this road and when they got in front of us we got onions skins blowing on the windshield.  A lot of dips in this road, too, don’t know why.  We see a lot of Joshua trees again so we know we’re back in the desert and then we start going up and down in elevation through the San Bernadino Mountain Range.  Stopped for lunch at a parking lot for a pottery store in Kramer Junction and ended up buying a “rooster fish” ornament, about 3’ x 2’.  It will be fun trying to find a place to put it for the rest of the trip.  From there turned west to Route 58, past Edwards Air Force Base and then through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I think this mountain range is one of the prettiest in the country with its gentle rolling hills that remind me of pillows covered in golden grasses dotted with dark green trees and rock outcrops.  Up to over 4000’ elevation and then as we came down the mountain a splash of bright green which is the farms of Bakersfield.  Campground is really nice, pool, spa, laundry, etc., etc.  It’s a Passport America campground so it’s $15 a night, can’t beat that.  Set up, found a place for the fish and read a bit.  Took a walk around the campground, all the sites are nice, then back for dinner.  It doesn’t cool down here with sundown, just stays HOT!!

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Diary Photos

Bird's nests close up

Bird's nests

Road dips

San Bernadino Mts.

Wind generators

House on hill

Sierra Nevada Mtns.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sierra Nevada Mts. 1

Tunnel in Sierra Nevada


CA Fruit Depot building

Frog balls and hawg balls

Big Shoe repair shop

Woolworth's building

Side of Woolworth;s


Guthrie's Alley Cat sign

Mural 1

Bakersfield sign

Crystal Palace outside

Crystal Palace entrance

Us at Bakersfield sign


Johnny Cash

George Strait

Pontiac behind bar

Storefront window


Inside Crystal Palace

Stage at Crystal Palace

Carter Winter


Peach Tree

Merced River Stairs to clubhouse

Merced River Clubhouse

Merced River Clubhouse (2)

Merced River Reading room

Merced River Pool

Merced River

Fox or coyote



Drought Warning

Heritage RV Pool 6

Big Olive in grove


New Clairvaux entrance

New Clairvaux inside

Cloistered area, monks only

New Clairvaux church

Entrance to abbey


Lucero Olive Oil Co.

Olive Pit inside

Olive pit inside 1

Rolling Hills Casino entrance

Happy 4th of July!

Corning Olive Oil Co. outside

Corning Olive Oil Co. tasting

Bidwell Mansion

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Nettleton Stadium

Taps at Sierra Nevada Brewery

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Heater, the mascot

Lake Trinity

Trinity Lake

Highway Alignment

Lumber Truck

Trinity River


View Copy

River 1

View 1

View 2

Bridge view Copy

View from bridge

Bridge view 1 Copy

Samoa Cookhouse outside

Memorabilia 1

Inside cookhouse


Cookhouse inside Copy

Maritime museum

Cloudy sunset Copy

Sunset over Pacific

Town at sunset


Victorian home

Ingomar Club

Pink Lady

Ingomar Club detail

Ingomar Club more detail

Victorian 1

Performing Arts

Mural in Eureka

Lost Coast Brewery outside

Lost Coast Brewery inside 1

Lost Coast Brewery Inside

Victorian home 2

Victorian home 4

Victorian home 5

Victorian home 6

Victorian home 8

Victorian home 10

Victorian home 9

Victorian home 11

Logging truck

My new friend, the logging truck driver

Victorian home 12

Gingerbread House B&B

Ferndale main st.

Ferndale hotel


Graveyard view from top

Graveyard 1

Graveyard 2

Graveyard 3

Graveyard 4

Victorian home 13

Cattle farm in Ferndale

Loleta Cheese Shop inside

Cheese shop garden

Cheese shop garden 1

Cheese shop garden 2

Cheese shop garden 3

Loleta Cheese Shop outside

Bear River Casino

California cattle farm

Fog over homes

Fog over lagoon

No elk here

Elk herd


Moss on trees

Redwood forest floor


Redwood Forest


Redwoods (2)

Paul Bunyan

Our lunch spot

Klamath overlook

Klamath overview 1

Klamath overview 3

Fog covered road

It wasn't cold enough to freeze the fountain

Oregon ocean

OR coast

Oregon coasat

OR rocks

Oregon coast 1

OR Driftwood

View from bridge

Rogue River Bridge

Bridge view

Walkway under bridge

View under bridge

Blackberries under bridge

Old Beach Road

Bridge from far

Mary B. Hume and bridge in background

Myrtlewood factory store

Waves 1

Waves 2

Waves 3


Myrtlewood Tree

Coos bay wood chips

Coos Bay lumber

Bridge 3


Bridge 5

Sand Dunes


Ocean view

Bridge 1

Seals on the sandbar below

View 1

View 2


Us and the ocean



Depoe Bay harbor

Depoe Bay sign

Deer in campground

Wild blueberries

Ocean carved hole


Whale statue in town

View 1


Whale spout...look closely

View 2

View 5

View 6

Depoe Bay

Wine store outside

Wine store inside

Lincoln City beach

Chinook Winds Casino

Dairy cows

Blue Heron French Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory cheese lady

Tillamook Ice Cream line

Us at Tillamook Cheese Factory

Bridge to Washington over Columbia River

Oregon side of bridge

Bridge over Columbia River from WA side

Welcome to Washington sign

Trees cut down

Sculpture on road

Sculptures in Raymond, WA

Campground office and bell

Our site

Harry and Lilly

Bridge on trail

Us on trail

Narrow path

Harry and Sitka Spruce tree

Our trail guide, Lilly

Artic Smokehouse & Pub outside

Artic Smokehouse and Pub inside

Truck and trees


Big tree


Bridge on trail

Us on trail

Trail 1


Trail 2

Harry and tree

Us on trail 1

Moss and holes in tree

Trail 3

Trail 4


Flowers and tree at ranger station

Quinault Museum

Tree at ranger station

Harry on beach


Us on log at beach

Driftwood on beach





Sunset 1

Harry and driftwood

Morning mist

Twilight treaty line

More driftwood

Warning sign



Tribal building

Selling salmon

Marina 1


Main St.

Home 1


Quileute RV Store

Our little neighbors

Lake Crescent

Olympic Cellars vineyard

Olympic Cellars winery

Us at Mickie's crab & shrimp dinner

Lavender lady

Lavender festival

Another lavender lady

7 Cedars Casino

Purple Haze Farm

Trio at Victor's Lavender Farm

Lavender fields at Victor's

Lavender drying barn

One of 3 tunnels

Us at Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center

Deer 1 (5)


Us and mountains

View 1

Deer 1 (3)

Deer 1 (6)

Us and the peeing buck

Harry and snow


Ski lift

Ski Patrol building

Us on trail

Us and ridge

View 2

View 6

View 3

View 5

Yellow flowers

Deer 1 (4)

Deer 1 (1)

Deer 1 (2)

Ferry terminal inside



Water taxi

Hop on Hop Off bus

Horse and buggy


Ferry 1

Us at Butchart

Blue Peony Restaurant

Us at Sunken Gardens


Sunken Garden




Ross Fountain

Garden 4


Us at Fountain

Garden 2

Rose Garden

Rose Garden 1

Rose Garden 2




Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden 1

Me at Japanese Garden

Star Pond

Star Pond 1

Italian Garden 1

Italian Garden

Italian Garden 2

Empress Hotel

Government Building

Welcome to Victoria sign

Peacock on roof at park

Tall totem


Royal BC Museum


Govt. Bldg.

Busy harbor

Truck coming out of ferry

Sunset on ferry

Berries at our site

Capitol Building from Capitol Lake

Capital building

Harbor in Olympia

Olympia Harbor view

Oyster House outside front

Oyster House patio rear

Moon jelly

Us on Puget Sound

Tree lined downtown Olympia

Stuck in traffic looking at Mt. Rainier

White River

Skookum Falls

White River (2)

Mt. Rainier NP sign

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier 1

Mt. Rainier

Us at Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier 2

Mt. Rainier 3


Mt. Rainier and lake

View 3

View 5

View 6

American River

American River 1

View 7

View 8

View 9

Fruit country

Yakima sign

Apple trees

Apples, apples, apples

Road to Natches Heights Winery

Natches Heights Winery

Kana Tasting Room

Gilbert Cellars Tasting room

Historic Yakima downtown

AntoLin Tasting Room


Owen Roe grapes

Owen Roe inside

Owen Roe Winery

One last look at Mr. Rainier


Grapes in front, cattle in middle, hops in back


Vine Hart Winery

Pontin Del Roza Winery with bocce court

Barrel Springs Winery


Hops up close

Home in valley

View from Daven Lore Winery

Us at Daven Lore Winery

Road from Daven Lore

Chukar Cherries

Harry at campground wine tasting

Desert Wind winery

Winery Dogs

14 Hands Tasting room

14 Hands Door

14 Hands sculpture

14 Hands mural

Kestrel Winery

Bluebunch Wheat Grass on hillside

View of Red Mt. from Kiona

DJ, the winery dog

View from Hamilton Cellars

Arbor at Terra Blanca

View from Terra Blanca

Gesa Stadium

Dusty, the dust devil

Sun screen at stadium

Sunset in parking lot

Sunset over cars

Panoramic of Gesa Field

Wheat field


Welcome to Idaho

Post Falls, ID

Coeur d'Alene Lake


River view

View 1

Our lunch spot

View of cows and sky

Our site

Osprey nest at game

Sunset in the west

Sunset in the east


Ollie, the osprey

Sunset over field


Elk Exhibit

Prize winning elk

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation statue outside

St. Francis Xavier Church

Mural in town

Square dance lessons


Diary Movies

Birds Nests under eaves video

Carter Winter Video

Crystal Palace video

Entrance to Crystal Palace video

Last pitch of the game

Harry and a cloudy sunset

Power plant, logs and mulch

Trinity River video

Cemetery video

Ferndale Graveyard

Gardens at Loleta Cheese Store

Graveyard from the middle

Highway 101 video

Pacific Ocean video

Oregon Coast video

California Redwoods video

Waves on the rocks video

View from bridge with cliff swallows

Waves at Gold Beach, OR video

Seal Rock video

Depoe Bay video

Beach at Lincoln City, OR

Following the guide

Tree and trail video

Elk video

Entering Washington state

Seal video

Surfer video

Harry and the trees video

Harry on the beach video

Moss covered tree video

Sunset video

Waterfall video

Trail video

Surfer at sunset video

Waves video

Sequim Lavender Festival video

Victor's Lavender Farm video

The peeing buck video

Doe and twin fawns video

Snow and mist video (and my feet)

Hurricane Ridge video

Arriving in Victoria video

Italian Gardens at Butchart Gardens

Otter video

Rose Garden at Butchart Gardens video

Ross Fountain at Butchart Gardens video

Sunken Gardens at Butchart video

Sunset on the ferry video

Downtown Victoria video

Victoria Port video

Mt. Rainier video

Natches Heights Winery video

Daven Lore winery video

14 Hands Winery video

Terra Blanca video

Entrance to Terra Blanca

Last pitch of the game

Lunch on the river video

Osprey action at the game

Sunset and nest at the game

Sunset at the game

Square Dance lessons video

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