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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
14th Jul 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 50-July 14, 2016-LaPush, WA

Day 50-July 14, 2016-LaPush, WA

Rained last night, foggy and misty in the morning, sunny by mid afternoon but never got above 58 degrees.

Had to drive back to Forks for groceries.  The road off route 101 into LaPush is 15 miles long, one way in, one way out.  Forks is about 20 miles southeast of LaPush but the only game in town for just about everything.  And then it’s really sparse.  One grocery, one gas station, one of everything.  So the prices are outrageous.  We just got some essentials.  Forks is still capitalizing on the “Twilight” series of books and movies which supposedly took place here.  There’s Jacob and Edward wraps in the deli (of course Bella used to work in the grocery store), Twilight cabins, memorabilia in the visitor center, signs marking the DMZ between the vampires and the werewolves.  If you haven’t read the books you have no idea what I’m talking about.  We came back to LaPush and drove around the area a bit.  The whole Washington Peninsula is either Olympic National Park or Tribal lands. LaPush is Quileute Tribal land.  There’s a marina, where we pulled over and saw two bald eagles trying to snatch a snack from the seagulls.  One restaurant, a police dept., homes that need repair desperately, a tribal cemetery, natural resource center and a few tribal buildings. The resort where we’re staying has a lot of cabins and a hotel along with two RV parks.  One “grocery” store, more a rip you off deli, and a post office.  There’s no cell phone service or wifi anywhere, even in Forks.  But the ocean here is breathtaking. And peaceful. A lot of people are coming to replace the people who left this morning.  Came back to our site, did some chores, had dinner, took a walk around the campground (big place) then a nice fire and watched another beautiful sunset.  No seal tonight but more surfers.  We’re leaving here tomorrow, I guess you could say we’re heading home because this is the farthest west we’ll be going.  Every place we go from now on will be heading east. Or north.  Or south.

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Diary Photos

Morning mist

Twilight treaty line

More driftwood

Warning sign



Tribal building

Selling salmon

Marina 1


Main St.

Home 1


Quileute RV Store

Our little neighbors

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