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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
20th Jul 2016 - Summer 2016
Day 56-July 20, 2016-Olympia, WA

Day 56-July 20, 2016-Olympia, WA

Got up to 82 today, sunny and warm

Spent the morning making some phone calls and catching up on e-mails.  Toured the campground and found it’s quite large.  There’s a farm in the back with a goat, ram, chickens, baby chicks, ducks and geese.  A big tent area, volleyball net, fields, a cabin and shelters.  Went to Wal-Mart for a few essentials, gassed up then drove into downtown Olympia, fondly referred to as “Olie” by locals.  Stopped on scenic DeSchutes Parkway when we saw some blackberries growing along the banks of Capitol Lake and picked some.  These are sweeter than the last ones, also had bigger and sharper thorns.  I froze them for another time.  Went to the capital building, not as impressive as some we’ve seen and definitely in need of some repair.  Down to the Farmers Market, closed today but we walked on the boardwalk and went to The Oyster House, a restaurant that just about everybody we asked has recommended to us.  We sat outside on the Puget Sound and watched the boats come and go.  Nobody was sitting inside, seems they were all taking advantage of the wonderful weather.  The Dungeness crab chowder was great.  We split that and some oysters and cod.  Brought about half of it home.  We heard that moon jellies, jellyfish that are quite abundant in the Puget this time of year were under a bridge near the restaurant so we walked over it and there they were.  Drove through town a bit, a small town for a capital city, then back to the campground for a nice fire.  As we’re enjoying the fire a woman came over from across the street and asked if we had any ice.  Turns out when we were kids we Iived about a mile away from each other in Stamford, CT.  We’re three years apart so I never met her back then. Small world.  Moving on tomorrow.

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Diary Photos

Capitol Building from Capitol Lake

Capital building

Harbor in Olympia

Olympia Harbor view

Oyster House outside front

Oyster House patio rear

Moon jelly

Us on Puget Sound

Tree lined downtown Olympia

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