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No Photos 2nd Dec 2016
Protecting Your Ears From Harm

Hearing loss can affect a person's life forever. Most people think that hearing loss only caused by natural aging or hearing being exposed to loud noise. The fact is, hearing loss can occur as early as birth. Being born prematurely, being given certain medications, complications at birth, family history of hearing loss, and yes, being exposed to very loud sounds or noises, can all cause hearing loss - deafness definition - children.Are there other reasons cats can become deaf, besides heredity and old age? Cats can develop tumors, bacteria in ears, suffer head injuries, get wax and debris in their ears, or become deaf from the administration of certain drugs, particularly antibiotics. Some poisons cause deafness.Today, moms of the eighties immediately take to the dance floor any time "You Shook Me All Night Long" comes across the sound system. Twenty-something kids born in the eighties believe they invented the game that requires taking a drink every time Johnson sings the words "Have a Drink on Me". Almost 30 years later, there is no doubt that "Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution".In day-to-day living, there are also situations which can lead to hearing loss. One example is prolonged exposure to loud noise. By knowing these factors, you can control them and thus, preventing hearing loss.The parent's are what really make me mad! If your kid is sick.KEEP HIM/HER HOME!!! My kid doesn't need it or want it!! I don't care how broke you are or that you just can't afford to take the day off of work, it's really not my problem. It becomes my problem though, when my daughter comes home sick because you sent your son to school with snot running down his face.Signature moment - Third and 10 from the Alabama 28. After Utah jumped out to a 21-0 first quarter lead, Alabama slowly eeked its way back into the game by capitalizing on a third quarter Utah fumble and a second quarter Javier Arenas punt return. Utah's response to the Crimson Tide's third unanswered score was 43 yards in 6 plays leading up to a third and 10 from the 28. - are headphones bad for your brain - dumped it off to David Reed near the first down marker. Reed slipped a single tackle and raced into the endzone twenty yards untouched. And Bama was beaten.Signature moment -- Oklahoma linebacker Rocky Calmus knocked lose the football as Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke tried to scramble away. The fumble recovery set the Sooners up on the Seminole 15 yard line allowing Oklahoma to score the only touchdown of the night. Oklahoma's spectacular defensive play heralded the return of a dormant superpower.Throughout your life it is important to take care of your hearing, as many things can affect it. As we get older the damage we have done to our ears becomes more noticeable, so it is important to take action as soon as possible. There are numerous natural ways to prevent hearing loss and to treat it when it comes along. For example magnesium deficiency can cause deafness, ringing in the ears and dizziness. Smoking can cause a narrowing of the blood vessels in the ear making it less efficient. Did you know certain food allergies could contribute to hearing loss? To find out which ones check my blog out - listed in the resource box below. There are many natural ways to prevent and treat hearing loss, many of which you can start to do right now.

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