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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
20th May 2017 - 31st May 2017 - Summer 2017
The first 12 twelve-May 20-31, 2017-The East Coast

Days 1-12-May 20-31, 2017-The East Coast

This is the first year that we have actually had a destination in mind when we left on our summer trip.  Our goal was to get to Connecticut for Eric and Melissa’s wedding on May 28th.  Our first stop, Saturday, May 20th was in Savannah, just an overnight in a nice little campground.  Weather was hot, as it’s been most of the month, but not unbearable.  The next two nights, Sunday and Monday, May 21st and 22nd we stopped in Concord, NC to see Janice, Tim and most of the grandkids. The campground we usually stay in was booked because it’s at the Nascar Raceway and there were races going on but we found a nice little family campground not far away.  On Tuesday, May 23rd we worked our way north through route 81 in Virginia, where we stayed in New Market at Endless Caverns campground for one night and Tri-State Campground in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, on the borders of PA, NJ and NY for on Weds., May 24th.  Long driving days with lots of traffic, construction and rain, sometimes heavy rain, but pretty wildflowers, mostly purple and orange on the side of the road.  Harry’s also developed a nasty cold.  One more driving day and we finally reached Nickerson Park campground in Chaplin, CT on Thursday, May 25th.  This is the closest campground to Westport, CT where the wedding is being held but it’s still two hours north.  We have stayed here quite often when we lived here and really like this park.  It’s right on the Patchaug River, very woodsy and family oriented.  Lots of chirping birds and chipmunks so friendly they almost run over your feet.  Chris, the owner, has made a lot of up-grades and improvements over the years (we haven’t been here for over 10 years) and it’s gotten nicer.  It’s cold here, only getting up to 55 and raining so our Florida bones are cold but we’ll get used to it. It’s been a long trip getting here and we’re road weary so it’ll feel good to land for a few days, whatever the weather. Friday, May 26th we looked at some maps and made some calls to figure out where to go to from here.  A lot of places I called had been flooded and had to close.  They suggested I call back in a few days and see if the sun came out and dried it up.  On Saturday, May 27th we drove to Old Lyme and visited with Nancy and John Colombo for the afternoon, saw their new house and were treated to a nice lunch.  The grass, trees and flowers, especially the rhododendrons are beautiful and they say it’s because they’ve had so much rain this spring.  By the time we got back the campground was filled with families, kids riding bikes and playing games, the adults sitting by campfires and relaxing. Sunday, May 28th we packed an overnight bag and drove to Norwalk for a night’s stay at the Norwalk Inn.  The wedding is only 10 minutes from here at The Inn at Longshore in Westport and we don’t want to drive 2 hours back to the campground after the reception.  John and Kelly met us here and we Ubered to a wonderful wedding ceremony and cocktail hour outside with a great view of the water and then a fantastic reception inside.  Got to see my family although I didn’t get nearly enough time to talk to any of them, which usually happens at weddings.  But it was great to see them and Harry and I are both glad we drove up for this.  We had hoped to see the Norwalk Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29th, which goes right by the hotel but it was cancelled due to rain.  So, after breakfast, we said good-bye to John and Kelly and went to Harry’s sister Sue’s house for a nice lunch, great conversation and a hearty dinner. When we got back to the campground it was quiet again, all the families gone back home for another work week.  Tuesday, May 30th, we drove to Neddick Point, ME for a couple of nights.  Weds., May 31st, we took a ride north through Wells and Ogunquit to Kennebunkport.  We were surprised by the lack of traffic.  Usually Route 1 is stop and go on this stretch but the weather has been so cold and damp it’s keeping the tourists away.  Stopped in town for a while, then took a drive on Ocean Dr. and watched the fog roll out and the angry ocean roll in.  In the evening we visited our “sister” Gretchen at her home in York Beach.  The short way to her house took us on an unmaintained road and I think we lost some fillings in our teeth from the bouncing up and down between pot holes.  Gretchen knew about this end of the road and was laughing hysterically when she saw we came that way. She then treated us to a feast of shrimp, clam chowder and lobster. Needless to say, we took the other end of the road home and left just in time.  The fog was rolling in and as soon as we got back to the campground there was a terrible thunder and lightning storm.  One bolt of lightning was so close it took out the electronic gate and we lost power for a while.  The temperature has been at a steady 55 for the past eleven days, rainy, damp, dismal, blustery and nasty.  We’ve needed the heat every night.  We haven’t seen the sun since we left home twelve days ago and we’re starting to feel moldy.  Hopefully our next stop will have better weather.

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