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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
5th Jun 2017 - Summer 2017
Day 17-June 5, 2017-Waterfalls, Laundry and Wine

Day 17-June 5, 2017-Waterfalls, laundry and wine

Poured all night, rained all day with some ice and hail thrown in for good measure-got up to 63

On the way to the laundromat in the town of Trumansburg about 2 miles from the campground we saw the sign for Taughannock Falls State Park so we drove in and were treated to magnificent falls in a deep gorge.  Laundry didn’t take too long, then back to the RV to put it away and have lunch.  Took a ride north on scenic route 89 around Cayuga Lake to the wineries.  Stopped in 5, every one nice yet different.  One had beautiful gardens, one had two friendly cats, one right on Cayuga Lake,  one had a really friendly owner who told us the best places to go for dry red wines and at one we had to sit in the parking lot for about 10 minutes because there was a torrential downpour with ice and hail.  The employees were really glad to see us because it’s Monday and they were really slow.  On the way back two deer jumped out in front of us.  The lake was pretty but because the weather was so nasty it seemed gray.  Drove back into Ithaca to Buttermilk Falls State Park to see the falls there.  They were really flowing because of all the rain.  Everybody we talk to says there was a drought here last year but it’s been so wet this spring they haven’t been able to plant crops and there are a lot of fields that are just muddy and unplanted.  They’ve had way too much rain this year. The birds love it, lots of robins and red-winged blackbirds.  We have a squirrel outside our dining room window who sits in a tree munching on nuts while we have breakfast.  One of the slogans here is “Ithaca is Gorges” and it really is gorgeous. It’s probably even nicer when the sun shines. I was here when Heather worked for Ithaca College in London a few years ago and she was here for a seminar and I enjoyed it then.  I’m glad Harry and I came back for another visit.  We’re off tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll get some decent wifi and cell phone service, it’s been terrible for the past few days.

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Diary Photos

Taughannock Falls

Americana Vineyard

Lucas Winery

Sheldrake Point Winery

Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake 1

Toro Run Winery

Knapp Winery

Knapp Winery inside

Buttermilk Falls

Diary Movies

Buttermilk Falls video

Ice and Hail video

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