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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
14th Jun 2017 - Summer 2017
Day 26-June 14, 2017-Lexington

Day 26-June 14, 2017-Lexington, KY, Bourbon, Wine and horses

Drove 180 miles in 3-1/4 hours, most of it in driving rain. Got up to 88 once the sun came out.  Not as humid as Columbus.

Although we didn’t drive many miles this was not a pleasant trip.  It rained until we got to Lexington. Sometimes the rain was so hard we couldn’t see where we were going.  The clouds were low and black and nasty and the spray from all the trucks on the road made it worse.  And there were a lot of trucks on the road.  Going through Cincinnati was crazy, between the rain, the construction and the crazy drivers, one even just pulled out in front of us and cut us off.  Didn’t think our brakes worked as well as they did.  There was an accident going northbound (the other side) that backed up traffic for 5 miles. Glad we weren’t in that mess.  Got to Kentucky Horse Park campground early, about 2 and set up.  This is one of our favorite campgrounds, nice big grassy, shady sites, fat robins, lots of space, nice laundry, pool and other amenities, not that we use them.  And the security patrol rides around on horseback.  After lunch we drove about a half hour to Frankfort where the Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery is.  Harry wanted to stock up seeing that it’s difficult to get in Florida.  But it was difficult to get here, they had a one bottle per person limit.  But two men behind us in line said we could buy it for them, so we came out with 4 bottles.  That should last quite a while.  I love the smell of bourbon that permeates the parking lot. Saw a sign for a new winery so we checked it out tasted a couple of their wines.  The interstate was jammed with traffic so we came back to the campground the scenic roads which took us through beautiful tree-lines narrow roads, quaint towns like Midway and thoroughbred farms with the horses grazing on big green lawns with brown fences stretching on forever.  Really idyllic.  And the electric water heater seems to have miraculously fixed itself.

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Cincinnati skyline

Blinding rain

Buffalo Trace barrels aging

Horse at winery

Prodigy Winery

Chicken at winery

Scenic drive

Midway, KY

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Prodigy winery video

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