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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
11th Jul 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 6-July 11, 2017-Rising Star CG-Grady, AR day 2

Day 6-July 11, 2017-Rising Star CG

Hot and humid again, about 93.

After breakfast we went around the campground and it’s official…we are the only campers here. We can’t understand why it’s so empty, it’s beautiful.  There’s a pavilion with a nice fireplace, benches right on the river and more sites on the narrower side of the river. There are two trucks with boat trailers at the boat launch and two people fishing at the far end of the campground but that’s it for humans.  Even the ranger is off today and tomorrow and there’s no one at the office for two days.  Lots of fat squirrels, beautiful shore birds and a blacksnake with yellow stripes met us at the camp site when we got back.  He ran under the back tire and never came out.  After about 10 minutes of banging on the tire and the RV we decided he ran into the hole right around where we last saw him.  We’ll sleep better if we believe that.  Spent most of the day reading and watching the river.  We had the company of a little butterfly who thought my big toe was its mother.  I couldn’t get it to leave me alone.  It finally settled on one of the lawn chairs and stayed with us most of the afternoon.  After dinner we took a ride down a gravel road at the end of the campground.  It was a berm between the river and soybean fields, no side roads or places to turn around.  After about 5 miles we came upon about two dozen black cows grazing on the side of the road and some even in the middle of the road.  One of the little calves stared us down for a while but finally scampered off to the side of the road.  We found a U-turn and came back on the farm side of the berm, soybeans on one side, corn on the other.  Got back in time for another beautiful sunset, this one different from yesterday because there are more clouds but just as pretty.  We’re off again tomorrow, I knew we couldn’t stay in one place for very long.

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Diary Photos

Squirrel in motion

Our best friend for a while

Guess we won

Playing chicken with a calf

Sunset day 2

Diary Movies

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