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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
19th Jul 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 14-July 19, 2017-Laundry, The Falls and Winery

Day 14-July 19, 2017-Laundry, Sioux Falls

Cloudy all day, up to about 87.

Laundry in the morning.  We like to go into town to find laundromats vs. using the ones at the campgrounds because they have bigger machines and we can get in and out quicker.  Back to the campground to catch up on a few things.  We have great wifi here and we take advantage of that whenever we can.  In the afternoon we went to Falls Park where you can get a good look at Sioux Falls.  There’s an observation tower where you can see most of the falls and the Big Sioux River. The falls are beautiful, not high but just kind of rolling over the beautiful rocks.  Then when it hits bottom and the lower river the power it must have to create the mist is mesmerizing.  There were a bunch of little critters scampering among the rocks, don’t know if they were prairie dogs or chipmunks.   I also love the sculptures in the park, there’s “For which it stands”, a little girl and her younger brother looking up to her as she salutes the flag and the flag is right where it would be if she were real.  There’s another sculpture, “The American Farmer”, a man looking out over the falls contemplating life.  The “Monarch of the Plains” a sculpture of a buffalo in mahogany granite is beautiful.  There’s also a café and an old grist mill in the park.  Great little park for walking (carefully) over the rocks and exploring the river. Lots of benches to just sit and think as you look at the majestic falls. This is one of my favorite places that we’ve been.  I really like Sioux Falls, it’s a great place to be, in the summer anyway.  There are more sculptures in town (notably David and Moses) but we’ve seen them before so we didn’t go into town. Instead we went to Strawbale Winery a few miles out of town.  Talk about relaxing….we got a glass of wine, sat on the patio and watched a flock of chickens peck on the lawn and an old cat sleeping on a chair.  Back to the RV for dinner, thought about going to another ballgame but it looks too much like rain.  Off tomorrow to new territory.

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Diary Photos

For which it stands sculpture

American Farmer Sculpture

Falls from observation tower

Monarch of the Plains

Prairie Dog or chipmunk

Us at falls

More Falls

Sioux Falls

Smaller falls

Road to Strawbale Winery

Strawbale Winery

I made a friend

Wait for us, Mom

Look out behind you

Diary Movies

Cicadas at campground

Sioux Falls from observation tower

Sioux Falls, SD

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