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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
22nd Jul 2017 - Summer 2017 Part II
Day 17-July 22, 2017-North Dakota Horse Park, Hjemkomst Int. Center in MN and breweries

Day 17-July 22, 2017-North Dakota Horse Park and Breweries

Hot but nice today, 87 with a wonderful breeze that wouldn’t feel so wonderful at 20 below.

We noticed that the campground has cleared out a bit which is unusual seeing it’s Saturday and it was so busy yesterday.  Our first stop was at a car wash to get rid of all the butterflies on the grill.  Then off to the races.  For two weeks every year they have live horse races at the North Dakota Horse Park.  Everything is close in proximity to the campground here, the horse park is only 7 miles away.  Beautiful day, very breezy.  The races were crowded, everybody out for a good time and maybe win something.  We bet on horses by name, won a couple, lost a couple but had a good time.  A nice cold beer sounds good after an afternoon of horse races so we crossed the border (2 miles away) into Moorhead, MN  to Junkyard Brewery.  Had to wait for a 102 car train to pass on the tracks, seemed like it took forever.  Harry counting every car didn’t help either.  Finally got there (it was right after the railroad tracks) but Harry didn’t like the beer so we left.  They had a peanut butter and jelly porter that we tasted.  It was OK but a whole glass would be a bit much.  Went to the Hjemkomst Interpretive Center with a 77’ replica of an ancient Viking ship that actually sailed over 6100 miles from Duluth, MN to Bergen, Norway and back.  Then back to Fargo to Drekker Brewery where we had some Pillager Porter, a nice dark beer. Their idea of a flight is 4 8-oz. glasses which is way too much for me so I just had 1 8-oz. and it was just fine.  Great conversation with the bartenders, free popcorn and they gave us a huge chocolate chip cookie from a local baker to take home.  Back to the campground to read, have dinner and pack up, leaving tomorrow.  Fargo certainly was not what we expected but it sure was a great place.  We found lots to do, the people were great and the city was easy to get around.  By the time we came back this afternoon we didn’t need the GPS, we knew where we were.  This starts our adventure of places we’ve never been.  Should be interesting to see what we can find in our next stops.

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Diary Photos

Bison at car wash

The winner

I guess they won big

Bridge between ND and MN

Junkyard Brewery outside

Junkyard Brewery inside

There's a very tall viking ship in there

77' Viking ship

Harry and his new Norwegian friend

Harry's new friends Knut og Synneve the trolls

Drekker Brewery outside

Drekker Brewery taps

Diary Movies

And the winner is ....not mine

Crossing the finish line

The line up

North Dakota Horse Park Race Track

102 train cars

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