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ScouseLeeM on Tour
25th Mar 2009 - 29th Apr 2009

arrived in Mebourne at 7am to be greeted by grey gloomy skies and constant drizzly rain - not what I travelled 12  thousand miles for. After trying to stay awake in vain, nodded off at my hotel until early evening and completely missed the Formula One 'behind the scenes' tour at the track. Met up with my old buddy Matt for a quick drink in teh evening, and discovered that the old sod has gone and gotten himself engaged, good work fella...

After a lot more sleep, met up with Matt for day one of the GP with a hearty breakfast, Off to the track where Michelle, Michael and Steve soon appeared to complete our intrepid group. I won't go into too much detail about the 4 days at the track, seeing as I've done it all twice before ( see photos) - but undoubted highlights where the 'dancing'  performances of the highly talented XXXX Angels, a British win for Jenson Button in the feature race, and a free concert by The Who on the final night (good for a bunch of old geezers). Also squeezed in a  night of pampering at the Gold Class cinema, barely avoided nodding off during the very odd movie 'Duplicity', but at least he food was good.

We had a major drama on the Sunday, when Matt lost his wallet, looked like a pickpocket had struck. Amazingly, an honest local saw it fall to the floor from his bag, and called him to return it - so all's well that ends well. All too soon, it was time to go for a brief fry at the beach in Broome, tough life...

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Diary Photos
26th Mar 2009  McLaren F1

26th Mar 2009  XXXX Angels 1

26th Mar 2009  XXXX Angels 2

26th Mar 2009  Hawk

27th Mar 2009  Cute diddy cars

27th Mar 2009  Roulettes 1

27th Mar 2009  F 18 1

28th Mar 2009  F5000

28th Mar 2009  Mini race

28th Mar 2009  Join teh army, parachute an F1 race...

28th Mar 2009  My car...

28th Mar 2009  Roulettes 2

28th Mar 2009  F18 2

29th Mar 2009  Pit walk crew

29th Mar 2009  2 seater F1

29th Mar 2009  Mental people...

29th Mar 2009  BMW v V8 V f1...

29th Mar 2009  Albert Park

29th Mar 2009  Matt gets to work...

29th Mar 2009  Ariba...

29th Mar 2009  F18 3

29th Mar 2009  F 18 4

29th Mar 2009  F18 5

29th Mar 2009  Lap 1 Pile Up

29th Mar 2009  Oops

29th Mar 2009  F1 Clear up

29th Mar 2009  England win something...

29th Mar 2009  Victory

29th Mar 2009  Pit girls

29th Mar 2009  F1 Girls gone wild

29th Mar 2009  The Who, free concert

31st Mar 2009  Cable Beach 1

31st Mar 2009  Cable Beach 2

31st Mar 2009  Bad mutha

31st Mar 2009  Croc feeding

31st Mar 2009  Camel train

31st Mar 2009  Sunset, Cable beach

1st Apr 2009  Hovercraft tour Broome

1st Apr 2009  Dinosaur footprint...?

1st Apr 2009  Cable Beach totty

3rd Apr 2009  Death cage worries

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 1

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 2

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 3

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 4

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 5

3rd Apr 2009  Croc dive 6

3rd Apr 2009  Burt the film star

3rd Apr 2009  Baby croc

3rd Apr 2009  Another poor schmuck...

3rd Apr 2009  Burt

3rd Apr 2009  Smile

3rd Apr 2009  Underwater cam 1 - Houdini & Bess

3rd Apr 2009  Underwater cam 2 - Choppa

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