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Education is Light
11th May 2009
Diary entry from Moses (1)

It's my sincere hope that everybody is doing fine.Here in Mtwapa we are all doing good.Please receive lots of love from us all here in Mtwapa, Mombasa.It's exactly a week now ever since the schools reopened after the Easter holiday and all of the of the kids are going on well with their studies.Thanks God the Mtomondoni sponsorship programme is growing big as we now have 5 kids in secondary school, 1 in the polytechnic and 36 kids in primary school bringing a total of 42 kids.We thankyou all the sponsors and friends of the programme for the tremendous and tireless efforts you are putting in bringing up the programme.As you can see in one of the pictures(group picture)is me with all the 36 kids in the primary school i.e Mtwapa Academy, in their school uniform among others , happy and appreciating all what you are doing are doing for them.
Also featured in one the pictures is Mary(dressed on a white short sleeved shirt and a dark brown skirt), the eldest girl kid in the programme who was sponsored since she was in class six in the primary school and now doing her second year in the secondary school.Mary now schools in one of the girl's boarding seconadry school about 100kms from Mtwapa.I do visit the kids in their different secondary school and so this is one of the pictures i took with Mary in one of my visits to the kids schools.Mary is really working hard in her school examinations so as she may achieve her vision of being an air hostess after completing her studies and be able to help her needy family.I asked Mary what she felt after being sponsored and this is what she said and i qoute 'I never knew that i would be able to continue with my studies smoothly as at the moment because my family was unable to cater for my education well because they always hard difficulties in taking me to school.As a result i never knew i would study upto secondary school level but through Mtomondoni Sponsorship programme i have been able to see the secondanry school doors, meaning that i might be able to achieve my dreams and vision of getting a good job and being able to help my parents, brothers and sisters'end of quote.Mary has sent lots of love to everyone involved in the programme.
With that i say'kwaherini nyote' bye all for now i'll speak again to you soon with lots of love, from,
Moses(sponsorship co-ordinator)

With, with lots of love from all in Mtwapa

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