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On On Home around Australia
24th Feb 2018 - 2nd Mar 2018
Week 449 - Euston

Our last stop on the way to Euston was Manangatang.  Another two horse town with just a pub and a cafe that had both been recently purchased.  The owner of the cafe didn't have a clue how to make a coffee and the young female publican was full of enthusiasm and had grand ideas about her business, but to a travelled piss pot like me, I think they are visions of grandeur.  But I admire her stamina and work ethics and it will be interesting to come back through Manangatang in the future.  By the way, the girl in the coffee shop had left the dregs in the bottom of the cup - yuck - she won't be here next time.

With our campsites running out, we decided to push onto Euston a day or two early. We arrived at the CMCA RV Park, Euston.  The place was once again deserted.  The previous managers/custodians handed over the paperwork and gave us a quick run down on how the site is meant to be run (they couldn't get off the site quick enough).

So we made ourselves comfortable with power and water.  There was no shade, but at least we could run our air conditioner if needed.

The CMCA RV Park is leased off the Euston Club.  The Club maintains the grounds and we the custodians, look after the visitors.  However, the place is empty at the moment and there is nothing pre-booked for two weeks, so basically we are in the middle of a lovely green paddock with no neighbours and not much to do.  A chance for us to catch up on all the small jobs in the motorhome, however, it has been a bit hot outside and the progress on our jobs has been a bit slow.

The Euston Club is just a two minute walk from our motorhome, so we hastily joined up and became members at a princely sum of $2.20 each.  The membership package includes bonuses when it is your birthday month and as my birthday is on the 20th (everyone), I received a $5 gift voucher, $12 bottle of port and a voucher for 20% off dining.  The Club is large, spectacular, clean and tidy and staffed by the friendly locals.

We are debating whether to continue posting our blog on a weekly basis and will probably go monthly from here on. Our blogging platform is not doing as good a job as our previous one, TravelPod.  We haven't received as many comments, also the Get Jealous blog site is difficult to navigate and the whole site seems disjointed.  In the meantime Jo will search for another platform to air our blog.  Also, one of the problems with sharing it with Facebook, any comments made go to Facebook and are not kept on the blog site so eventually are lost in cyberspace.

Until next time, this is Euston signing off.

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Diary Photos
25th Feb 2018  Manangatang Wheat Silos
An early morning walk finds the silos bathed in sunshine.

27th Feb 2018  Base Camp
I had a quick lesson in flag protocol and managed to get all 3 flags flying beautifully.

27th Feb 2018  The Mallee
A walk through the Mallee Forest, no wildlife to be seen. Although the trees are green, the ground and soil are very dry and dusty.

28th Feb 2018  Lock 15
As you can see from the picture the Murray is flowing quite quickly.

28th Feb 2018  Murray River at Lock 15

1st Mar 2018  Water Tanks
The town's water supply is stored in these two water tanks.

1st Mar 2018  Lights
These lights are in the lounge of the Euston Club

2nd Mar 2018  Rusti all grown up
Rusti has developed an attitude of her own and is lucky to be alive.

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